Metal Stone Clay Exhibition
Metal-stone-clay is an exploration of natural textures and materials through ceramics and metal/silversmith work.

Somewhere out there in the world, at some point in my life, I discover a particular texture in the natural world. Excited by this texture, I explore it through photography. During this process I become very fond of the texture and it becomes embedded in my memory. The accumulation of these experiences formulate into a cloud of textural ideas in my subconscious mind. These stay with me. When I sit down to create, months, years later, it comes back to me in my art forms.

For example, natural textures I see and photograph during outdoor adventures, like on our Atlin Lake / Llewellyn Glacier trip last summer where we explored the glacier and some little icebergs in the lake at the foot of the glacier. And some ice caves on a little tributary running into Atlin Lake. Those textures sprung out of a slab of clay in a white platter. And it was only later that I consciously realized the source of inspiration.

My process begins with open creative play and experimentation. I find something I like in a given medium and delve into it deeper. I can't say that I actually know why I create a particular theme or motif. Generally, I create with an open mind and only discover later where that theme or motif came from, like the series of necklaces called "rain". It clearly comes from raindrops on water. We see it all the time but usually don't consciously appreciate it.

Many of the ceramics are inspired by the world of strange and fantastical mushrooms and sea plants, like cup mushrooms, bulbous kelp, and frill-like seaweed. I have seen and admired work with seed pod themes, like Marlene Collins’ ceramics, and Joyce Majiski’s textural prints. I love those aspects of their work. And I think I handle them differently, perhaps because of my love of colour and contrasts.
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