Insidious Exhibition
As a torrent of bits and bytes reshapes the world around us, I wonder if we are awake or caught in a dream that could become a nightmare. Are we lucid enough to control this emerging technological force, or – for the sake of convenience and amusement – will we happily drown in a sea of bots, apps and lolcats?

Insidious Acknowledgements:

I couldn’t have completed all this work without the help of many people.
In particular, I would like to acknowledge:
•The Arts Underground Ceramics Open Studio technicians: Margit, Roma & Emily
•The clay expertise of Sandra Storey
•Jason Hurtig and his staff at Computers for Schools Yukon
•Judy Matechuk and Midnight Sun Heating & Sheet Metal
•Nigel Allan for his help with words
•Neil Graham for his display expertise
•Ranva for inspiration that seeded particular aspects of this show
•Arts Underground for hosting this exhibit and believing I could create something worthy
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