Blood-letting Exhibit
Mixed media exhibit of 25 works sized 3 feet x 4 feet.
Blood-letting: a rite of purification, a ceremonial act with the intent of creating a higher degree of consciousness.
I am tired of us behaving like good little citizens in our industrialized society like cogs in a mechanized apparatus. I want people to think, to question, to live consciously. If nothing changes, then at least we have actively chosen the way things are, and we can only blame ourselves and the choices we make.
I suspect that if people truly question things, and make intentional choices, then they will be unable to live their lives in the same manner. They will become discontent with the status quo, be invigorated by what is possible, and work towards achieving that.
Inspired by the visual impact of "Flagellation Wall" by Austrian avant-garde artist, Herman Nitsch, the blood background expresses how I often feel about the world we, as humans, have created. It is the "blood of us" in sacrifice, to purge our human imperfections, and the pain and suffering they cause. In self-sacrifice, I have incorporated blood from my own veins into the background of each piece. It is an offering. The exhibit is an offering and a prayer for humanity to wake up and take note of what results from our menial, daily actions that we assume have no impact on the greater whole of humanity, of spirit, of creation, of the All.
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