With a background in Engineering and a second career in Photography and Graphic Design, Leslie Leong has ventured into the mixing of the technical with the creative, resulting in various endeavours in the arts in a variety of forms and media. The culmination of this mix is the exhibit, “Shift” named for it’s altered perspective on materials, reflection on the state of our society, the rethinking of stuff and our throw-away society, the remaking, reuse and recycling of stuff into art pieces that have a lasting quality in counter-action to designed obsolescence in today’s manufactured goods.

Rather than confining her creativity to any one medium, she lets the material determine the medium. When confronted/intrigued by an interesting material, she ponders an unconventional use then creates the art piece. Themes tend to source from social issues in our society whether it be our addiction to accumulating stuff and throwing things away, or the concern that we cannot survive in this world at our current pace of life and consumption.

From a foray into industrial design, or rather re-design, to abstract photographs, to jewellery from alternative materials, this exhibit might just open the viewer’s mind to a multitude of possibility.
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