In need of a makeover: You upgraded your tech but have you upgraded your legal services?
Research shows that there is a growing awareness that law firms can increase profitability and efficiency by spending more on technology and making more use of it. However, many remain slow to adopt new tools and need to do more to remain competitive in a rapidly changing digital world

A lack of knowledge about technology already available means law firms are missing out on more efficient ways of running their practices. A traditional working culture may also be holding law firms back from embracing technological change. The old fashion way of working puts law firms at risk at a time when they face stiffer competition from more nimble, tech-savvy service providers which can potentially deliver work faster.
Existing IT infrastructure can be a stumbling block for some private practices. Devices such as smartphones and tablets allow lawyers to access law firm data remotely, working on the move with easy access to data, files and information from legal research platforms. In addition, cloud storage allows access to data in amounts far beyond the capacity of a given storage device. However, concerns about privacy and security or simply short-term views on spending prevent deployment of new ways of working.
Client demands are also changing and putting pressure on law firms to be innovative with the ways they use technology and manage their relationships. Clients also say they want to be able to collaborate with external counsel on a piece of work in real time, making changes to a document and viewing the changes while on the phone or sharing the screen. The use of technology is now one of the important factors that clients think about when selecting a law firm.
Younger lawyers who have grown up with technology are also pushing their law firms to modernise too - a shift from previous generations who would mostly emulate their mentors.
Some law firms are already doing this, embracing technology which is changing the way they work, adapting their workspaces, shifting to a more mobile and collaborative approach.
A group of leading law firm representatives, together with select General Counsel of top multinationals, will gather to discuss the new trends and technology changes adopted by firms and their expectations in the new market place.
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