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Karough, Dragsvold's Capital

The Frosted Window Panes framed the valley below. Clode pressed his hands against the window as he waited for word of his journey. Shortly a squire came in with a rolled scroll wich he handed him with a short bow. Sitting on his cot he began to read. ~We depart tomarrow at dawn. Bring whatever you deem important for what awaits us. You may not be coming back. ~Kirum~ Clode re-folded the scroll and walked to his cabinent, opening it he beheld the object that had started all of this....


This is my first entry to the Legends of Brickdom Micro-Fortress contest. Along with my entries I will have a story to go along. With every new micro a new member will join a "Fellowship" that is being sent to find the source of the growing evil. Enjoy! -Kyle

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Taken on August 16, 2012