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Crow's Nest | by Legonardo Davidy
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Crow's Nest

As Derlin approached Crows Nest the smell of rotting bones left over from the last hangings entered his nostrils and warmed him. not difficult, when one considers the blistering temperature found in the midgardian peaks. How they survive up here is a mystery, and how they're going to cope with the warm humid atmosphere of the swamps is equally so...

The knights of the crow are were banished from Mitgardia some one or two decades ago, however simply relocated to one of the uninhabited hills. Brutal as they are anyone who got on their nerves was killed, the stench that warmed the deranged druid Derlin attracted crows, feasting on the carcasses left by the blood-thirsty warriors. A small village has been brought up on the hill, and the nest, as they call it lies dead centre. it is the abode of Graὐf, The current chief. Derlin was greeted to the hill with his wolf being slaughtered by hunters, but he hadn't the time to kill them, he was here on business, recruiting for the black spire...


CCC XI Custom Faction

Build a castle scene with your own custom medieval faction with unique heraldry on shields, flags, and figures.


Well, im gonna be honest, im not exactly interested in this category, but i had the idea and heres the result, bringing me 1 build closer to getting qualified for MB. if i do end up winning this category, the first american to put a note on the crow IN THIS pic gets the stickers.

Also simon, ice cream is more than just smoke and icecream!


Inspiration from Derfel Cadarns "dedication" and most of Soccerkids MOCs.


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