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90 crore ki barsaat




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भारतीयो सुनो ०९४२५६३६४२२ पर फोन करो - तोतो कि कहानी से सीखो,

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I do hereby challenge to all that i am not a chai wala or daruwala but a mechanical engineer having experience of research in foreign countries with a dozen of books written including 90 crore ki barsaat & asimit noto ki dhanwarsha published by Randhir Prakashan, Haridwar, which is standing at the number one position in such kinds of books. Beside a decade of engineer job experience and a doctoral degree in economics sure myself a ZINDA GANDHI. Manufacturing of over thousand of bottles, more than hundred of bottle Factories and patta, cddeshmukh all kind note, neel chemical, 1970 one rupee coin 12 gram weigh and hundreds of such items clearly indicate that kreta to hota hi nahi he. The DEMANDED is UNAVAILABLE & viva verse. Please honor my deep studies otherwise we will destroy our self and my make my mobile number 09425636422-09926395795 an all India helpline for all related matters. I myself Engineer Divesh Bhatt manufactured 52 eic bottles . I have cross Rs. 5, JPTaylorRs.10, PATTAeic1818BASTAR, DRP, NEELfunction chemical, bottle charger, 20, owl, Rs1 of 1964,82 & all including RPLPNMPMMIRROR. Please visit websites download LOK ADALAT in hindi and download video before not to miss call 09425636422 + 09926395795 to be a part of operation save India.

Engineer Divesh Bhatt - 09425636422,09926395795

E-mails -

Advocate K.N. Singh - 09425595831,07697128497

Bajrang Baghel - 09424154123,09479024184

Randhir Prakashan,Haridwar - 01334226227,



All the facts and the truth of this broadcast are purely imaginary and any resemble in any format is an incident.

In public forum today’s victims are the writer of “90 crore ki barsaat” and of “asimit noto ki dhanwarsha published by Randhir Prakashan haridwar. These books created a new stones of the Indian publishing. The writer is a gazette engineer in Public Health Department of Chhattisgarh government but he deals in bottle, coin, antique items and are the activities which are legally prohibited; although his hobbies are to research and to do something new with his research experience in foreign countries. In Public forum it is to charge Shri Divesh Kumar Bhatt as a critical writer.


Anchor (1) :- Hellow & hai to everyone watching LOK ADALAT/AAP KI ADALAT?EK MULAKAT live and exclusive on your favourite channel. Today's victim are Shri Divesh Kumar Bhatt , who are supposed to be a critical writer or a fool person to write on foolish matters.

Divesh Bhatt :- Good morning to all the readers/viewers. In my first criticized book ''90 CRORE KI BARSAAT" contents are researchers scholars followed by introduction to the matter. Afterword it contains necessary elements of the research methodology and a description of various coins after the huge part of the survey. The huge includes monkey brand 1818 coin, anna of 1962, gandhian coin, SUN brand 20 paisa, Fish brand one rupee, Dear brand five rupee, Horse brand coin & a lot more collection of notorious coins and a lot of methods to extract SATTA number and unbelievable money rain. The next chapter includes silky world of down birth, miracles of HARJOD, first egg of black hen, Dipped money, tortoise of 20 nails, IMLI KA BANDA, nine point five inches bronze glass, hypnotism by black turmeric, speaking owl, order me god, gold factory, selling of white PALASH, insurance of 90 lake, unlimited money rain am RAM LALU MAMTA formulas of forgery. The last part of the theses contains the truth of the miracles and date wise collection of SATT numbers. In the next part of the complexity included in ''ASIMIT NOTO KI DHANWARSHA'' the matters are the above followed by hippopotamus 50 paisa coin, lion and CHIND quarter Anna, 1939-1964-1970-1982-1994-1995 one rupee, advert VI, Victoria, quarter Anna and much more about duplication and its identification, robbery and retired salesmen of RATION shop, tank drama of RAMPUT villagers and also the rumors of money rain among villagers. Afterword contains are HATTAJODI, SIYARSINGI, VEER NUKH, hen killer BHANWARMALI & GARUD and its testing, egg of owl-peahen and dynosour & charging and roberry through coin, bottle eic 1818, chain link schemes, statute of 8 metals, Lebo, utensils & Patta factory, applications of the advance engineering , robbery in gold through double money in six months and in employment, advertising in news paper of mobile robbery, E robbery, E HAWALA etc. The last part of the thesis contains SATTA numbers concludes that the demanded article is unavailable and the demand of the available goods is nil. The duplicate goods may not be manufactured by myself else otherwise the purchaser is also not available. The existence of the party is also a dream whether charging is neither possible nor chemical exists. There is only robbery and rumors including magnet and window. Perhaps it is a way to destroy India completely via diversion of labors into nonprofit activities. Excluding the above my first research ''BAL PARYAWARAN'', PhD research ''UNICEF'', research paper ‘Growth models", under publication'' TANTRA MANTRA'', "application of advance engineering'', ''society and social engineering'', ''advance economics'', ''advance drawing and application''etc. are my facts in the service of the society.

Anchor (2) :- Why are you require to write much and more since the provision of the royalty income is a better package in poems, stories and in general books ? What is the case of your disturbance apart of writing the fools?

Divesh Bhatt :- I do write only the truth and nothing wrong in my sense. The permission of writing in errors could not be granted by my parents. I do obey the facts, speak the truth and I do what to said and do believe in facts. I am unable to collect 5-6 English, mathematics or sociology books followed by unusual publication + translation and unsafe sex stories. The provision of royalty income did not permitted by my employers but one may note that any book in the world can not be more valuable than any single page written by me. Again it is a challenge to all to prove my deep studies as an unusual, i will stop further writing . That is the reason to make me a god instead of stone statue by the defaulter managers including BABA of KHANDWA, PUSKAR and villagers of KORAPUT, KOTPAD and surroundings ANDHAR ORRISA. I financed two four wheeler nano car + 2 motorcycle to facilitate my blind followers and to convenience them to reach god on time of DIWALI & EED.

Anchor (3) :- You are blamed to repeat the matter and also to suggest 120/- robbery after 250/- earning.

Divesh Bhatt :- At the time of publication of the first book , I was unavailable in India . I went to foreign countries to see the batter way of research activities but as I returned to India, I have seen my incomplete book published by Randhir Prakashan , Haridwar as send my guide K L NISHAD (BHAIRAMGADI). I accept the lack of quality and quantity, resulted into another edition in the series of books. Again one may note if he doesn't found value for money , I will return Rs.250 plus Rs.120 equals Rs. 370 from my 25t+………..

Anchor (4) :- The process of nomenclature of your books (TITLE) isn't a scientific way.

Divesh Bhatt :- Gate in church gate is missing and monkeys are unavailable in BANDRA. If I do fake to improve Indian to please be right, do they obey? If I do write 'money can't be rained' did it be sell ? If not be selled how the public be read? If not be read how it is possible to conduct operation save India ? They read and obeyed but the group of robbers is continuously rumoring RP LP MP NM MP MIRROR as in the story of pigeon and DADI WALE BABA G .Be patriots, we will not face only the truth but the only god also, after the break. LOK ADALAT claims the writer to put the hard work exceeding his physical limits results into quality of the output.




Anchor (5) :- Please tell us yours educational qualification. Are you a legal writer or a fool? What is the top model?

Divesh Bhatt :- I stood at the first position in the school in HSC , simultaneously crossing PPT ' the base qualifier of engineering' followed by AMIE (senior technician) & Bachelor of arts as well. Under permission of employer I again stood UNIVERSITY TOP in economics (gold medal). The basic qualification of lecturer UGC NET & VYPM SLET prove myself as a legal writer and this intensity of top of the model and nano LS BS4 defined the cleaver to reach the top. I have submitted my thesis on "UNICEF'' claiming child sexual exploitation as documentary photo proof but in vain due to unknown GAY concept by my woman guide . I also warned NITHARI CASE to save children with a dozen of lives but nobody believes my voice.

Anchor (6) :- please clarify the lives of children in detail ?

Divesh Bhatt :- Foolish TANTRIK of dhamtari (chattisgarh) not only claimer money rain through ROPE but its dealing in 25000/- also in cash. A group of 3 children (age between 10 y to 16 y) caused murder of a 12 year child as hanging till death followed by another three murder resulting into expansion of gang as a dozen of notorious criminals. The group couldn't understood that nobody is the purchaser and all are rumors but the district pulish fired 302, 304 IPC and put the murderers behind the wall of bastar jail as published in news papers. In the endless chain of crime , if I was able to approach them - could save the direct lives of a dozen of children including Jail visitors.


Anchor (7) :- You yourself drunk MCDOWELL 8 PM to indults followed by NANO visit to samples with mutton of 12 number ?

Divesh Bhatt :- Public servants and bureaucrats are habitual of corruption in the memories of MAHATMA GANDHI or PM, CM, BM etc. The legal advisor V N Gadgil of our only lady PM ex. Indira Gandhi carried Ten Million Well Scheme including Pond and Lake with surprising of pouring the same within the season to run the system of employment. Actually speaking the policy was a Nobel but it was either underestimated or leaked in bearcats, thus the whole on papers only. In the same context DKBRY for urban and DRY for rural people aims to save India by manufacturing duplicate articles saving India by foreigners and Englishmen. Under these activities the earning of 5000/ from Bablu Sahu owner of max 100 mc invested to survey of the Indian destroyers proved profitable once but whom are the beneficiaries of TATA INDICA journey by train by andhra doctors proceeding a theft of a dozen of rice and clove grains from the merchandiser shop ? They are again the victims of ZHADI (377) and the heaven visits results into whom luxury, unbelievable none.

Anchor (8) :- And how do you do take biscuits in BOLERO ?

Divesh Bhatt :- When I faced interview to the group of non adult defaulters in Dip Money , they planned to purchased Mahindra Bolero within 48 working hours eg. at Thursday , resulting into escape of myself by begging over the amount HARI PATTI in a few minutes for breakfast. By the way I ran naked without mirror and the left underwear, original and genuine are ready for auction and GANJA smugglers are invited with Scorpio . If the burglars are successful in their goal, they do purchase Xylo E 8 , is a myth. Please find a list of biscuit vehicles for n.a.




alfa bolero

gio reva

navistar scorpio

maxicab thar

genio verito

maximo actyon

tourister chairman

korando,kyron, rexton, rodius, xuv 500 and ZLX m2dicor hybrid

It is clear that I am the most cleaver Indian of Mahindra. So it is advised either to take gold biscuits or to take PAN (iku) in commander without crown brake but lastly if to eat PARLE - BOLERO is the best.

Anchor (9) :- You are requested to kindly summarize the survey instead of a long memorandum.

Divesh Bhatt :- Out of a list of 12500 mobile numbers with name and address I do insure that all are defaulters excluding bajrang.

Anchor (10) :- Hellow. this guy is BAJRANG Baghel, the god ?

Bajrang :- This is the fact of a lakh of people surveyed by the officer and abstracted me the only honor in the world but one may note that his follower late Anand Rajak - Mechanic of double mileage without touching engine was quite faithful. Another close of him advocate K N Singh did not defeat any case since his practice.

Anchor (11) :- Singh Saheb is unavailable but please tell us the way of regular success of the lawyer.

Divesh Bhatt :- Each person in business is blind if horse friends gross what should he eat ? I am the advisor cum translator of Singh Saheb , who is the employer of a dozen of juniors and servants. This lawyer is an applicator of internet in excess and has hundreds of law books. At first he takes case study followed by seniors advise including Bilaspur and Supreme Court lawers . He owns Suzuki car and motorcycle , gift by father in law and Hero honda with my Nano provides convenience in approaching the fact . He also get facility of a samsung Laptop with samsung ac chamber and most of his note sheet are either prepared by me or approved by me. Thus all the decisions are in favor of him is the secret of success but he takes the whole 100% fees in advance and there is no chance of return of the fees due to win. Now some victims claim defaulter or non ownest but he is WAKIL No. 1 .

Do not miss BABA G KE PRAVACHAN but after the break.

Writer claimed time mismanagement!

Anchor (12) :- You take a sleep at am , wake up 10 am. As you get up your mobile gets nonstop 12 + h working .

Divesh Bhatt :- This is true that I do get wake lately. This is the reason that my time of call is 9 to 12 pm. The all over India helpline numbers for disadvantaged persons are 09425636422 + 09926395795 . These numbers are found in my letter pad, name plate, official seal and also on internet .These numbers are also running in the script of the interview . I have volunteer helpers in survey and driver + Helper + meson are already available in my doorstep. I tried my best even door to door service of all the readers but a little knowledge is quite dangerous as in story of ABHIMANYU. Therefore I stay on mobile up to battery low of the caller and my numbers are always busy at the moment. I have a secret Vodaphone number for personal use . We may put place a strict order to take permission of myself before entering into coin business.

Anchor (13) :- And what is the endless conclusion ? eg describe India in your dream ?

Divesh Bhatt :- There is a group of mobile robbers to eat 17000 to 83000 per customer as an advance for finance . They assure a laptop worth Rs 6999, so does D K Bhatt is a half mind to purchase the same for Rs 15000. The group even claims a solution of any kind of problem including home conflict, satta, gadadhan and charging of a coin. They use E mail id, HDFC cheque and all the modern facilities of E LOOT. Three numbers of live dead bodies in Geedam city of Chattisgarh, UP formulae (gold) of tractor specialist, Manoj Dammur Rs.2500, 1360 in magnet and the parrarel robbery directed me to write in deep. The most honest person in india (bhagwan g) says the dozen of Jwellers in the capital of chattisgarh may escape before diwali.

Anchor (14) :- You were charged of negligence in public work by your sub divisional officer in 2002. A mad officer committed suicide and an SDO became made. What is this drama? You get a handsome salary of 25 t per month and a F type big bungalow. Why do you commit negligence in work ?

Divesh Bhatt :- During process of universal proof of hypotheses required police verification for passport. At the moment commissioner of police, city, Hoshangabad kept me under custody for 72 + hours . This was the reason for me absence from work for a week resulted into such explanation in the chess with burglar contractors claims the limited mind of Indians. If an officer becomes mad after firing a notice to me or anybody tries to eat food allotted to ZINDA GANDHI and commits suicide, it is the disturbance of the system. If a time keeper drives his cycle on rail track or walks on platform with half mind SDO or a vegetable seller hides himself behind the Piggeo auto (gifted by me), all are consequence of the system. It is interesting to note that dog are not familiar of the reverse gear in vehicles. They have seen all the vehicles in forward running only and the practice of barking has got by them in nature. The writer is habitual of throwing dogs in reverse. He has 15 years experience for such activities but in regard of guru DRONE it is to note that the children of 19 th century listened story of milkman and monkey, tortoise and rabbit, dear and camel etc. but now a days in 21st century instead of computer and technology, they are getting a practical training of window, magnet, surgery and forgery. Who is the DONGRE? Who is the mastermind of Indian slave? Who told the necessarily of hippopotamus in 50 paisa? Who told to write SATYAMEV JAYTE in one rupee of 1970? Again it is impossible to detect the mastermind of fake currency or the different techniques of testing currency eg tv, bulb, tube light. Vasco d gama and Englishmen were partially success in getting India slave but in 2 h years. Thus the only purpose of my deep research is to identify problem among villagers and an investment of 25 t per month from last decade concludes each page of my book to replace RAMAYAN, MAHABHARAT, BIBLE,KURAN, GEETA and it is a historical miracle to include in each library .

Anchor (15) :- What is the time management ?

Divesh Bhatt :- 18+ h working with 100% efficiency is time management.

Charges are continuing on shri Bhatt and it isn’t possible to clear them by him.

LOK ADALAT charges D K Bhatt as corrupted GUNDA.



Anchor (16) :- We have listen that you diet is more than double of a normal person . Still you are hungry, why ?

Divesh Bhatt :- Before entering into government job, I was PAPPU PAHALWAN in Vijay Health Club, Hoshangabad (MP). Afterword diet remained high & old looking body is the sign of increasing knowledge. Sachin Tendulkar made century of centuries but still hunger of runs, in the same way I do collect knowledge.

Anchor (17) :- This means you drink a lot !

Divesh Bhatt :- I haven't drunk in my entire life. I also am not interested in hunger sex.

Anchor (18) :- you are unmarried, supposed to be un believable .

Divesh Bhatt :- I am ready to listen defaulter, not faitfull, runner, eater, cheater, mad, nonsence etc. . It is again to notice that the delay in marriage due to family reasons and BABAg are identical nomenclatures.

Anchor (19) :- What is this babababa ?

Divesh Bhatt :- clearks are domicile of India since British rule. Baba are found on footpath near stations having readymade hairs on face. These baba were getting business of Dharma but they caught forgery of double money. Now these baba's are reburying babu's on 1 st day of month through mediator of engineer causing long term loss of faith of a man on baba&babu.

Anchor (20) :- You have given 5t, 5t, 12t, 11t corruption for Phd, passport, foreign journey, probation, govt. bunglaw . you invested 85h + 24h +125000 in bottle, 8500/ in PATTA, 70+80 h in neel chemical, 20t + nano in Rs. 10. You found 6t selling cost of 13t purchase value cddeshmukh cross five 3 dear. In this 6t you paid 3t to icici firozabad for further business and for rest 3 t please define Dadar, Bhaikhala, Chinchpokli, Dahisar and Biowar bus stand

Divesh Bhatt :- As I told there are two alternates of work, either zero or you know. I do hereby declare that in 11 year's engineer job, i did not get even rs 10 as corruption. I didn't earn any money even rs 5 in my job and all my quality works were in absence of donation. One may check measurement book number 119&120 for that with notepad of 3500/ given by contractor to me not as a part of corruption but a compensation of china mobile purchased in delhi worth Rs 8500/. This contractor Pande (G must) illustrates American method of CSR + incentive but in vain due to the reason that he lectures in drunk and he also suggested to mix lime stone with a little amount of Gypsum to make alternate cement and to make civil construction under low cost with high quality.

Now one may listen that this 3 L turnover may expended into 10 L cash of my salary and nearly half amount of earning in selling these items. This total exceeds 15 Lakh rupees and these are dipped investment to save India .

These names are listened as of some railway stations, where I found three new comer of coin business, in which one was LAMBU and another was TINGU. They told me to visit internet to see 9 inches rice pulling bowl , dealing in 1 t crore, token to be taken 10 crore before saturday . I told RP to hota hi nahi he, C to hota hi nahi he, Gorakhpur is 3 days running by train, today is monday .............! Lambu g said aero plane takes on 6 hours, payment is to be collected by check.................! now Tingu G supposed me a ZANDU.

In the same way I went AJMER the makkamadina of india for the endless reverse to purchase 2 piece of 3 dear cross 5 in 15900+16700+22000 expenses . In that currency one of the dear was sitting was the nonsense reason. Any way two old persons aged 65-70 year in which one was Bengali, whose friendship was of 65 years, lived in biover nearly 70 km from ajmer , called me to come. As I reached the city , they said we have purchased 12 books from munna kabadi. All contained mobile number of the writer, we miss called to all . 6 reached to my foot since morning, two are on railway station and two are on bus stand. One will come by aero plane and you came 2 hours late . It is our pleasure to take you from SBI chowk. Now excluding unnecessary lectures, I have seen hundreds of DADAR styled currency, they told one rupee note signed by RA NA Malhotra may sell one piece in Rs ZERO, two piece in Rs ZERO three piece in Rs ZERO, four piece in Rs 5 LAT cash but they forget that the PARTY doesn't exists. Sex specialists call of Illahabad (UP) for magnet, doctor's call for the HAJMOLA powder pulling rice upto 9 inches last week, two mouth snake of Bulandshahar, extensive field work and continuous research with nonstop working made me the only authorized person to make a helpline but I am again confused to find the quantity of coin mind in a general villager. Robbery in magnet coin beside the lake by an engineer who himself constructed that pound, leaving coconut shop business for Rs 10 two peacock, missed call from indult to purchase the same and adiwasi loot confused me , who is MAYA . My continuous faller confused that mayawati isn't CM, she is found in ganga river but she is not a money as Laxmi bai found in Jhansi cantt. in Rs. hari patti.

Anchor (21) :- You have beaten three number of policemen in thana of Thane, one advocate in district court, two doctors in hospitals, two villagers in street and also your officers in office. This weekly recovery claims you criminal of Ipc 294

Divesh Bhatt :- As you know that I was a manager and manufacturer cum seller of cooler and Jalpari motor before government engineer but the lease of rest finaced named week by fools. The policemen beated me and eated my nose as of Indira Gandhi , I felt 20 on those 19. Doctors enjoyed the dream of my kidni selling. This 16 years old LLB student dreamed and calculated the profit of child selling in camel race in arabs and the villagers were domicile of maya state UP. Now please note I will beat a computer salesman in shop, a vegetable seller in auto, defaulter factory managers in their residence cum bottle manufacturing units . India is a ball, rolling out of track, save otherwise it will fall. I do affraid of 25 type policemen, 50 type TI and 5 - 10 sp-dsp since protection is another matter anyway.

Anchor (22) :- You broke lock of your office and of LIG 07, H 18, G2, G35, F2 and also define MIG II 36, HIG 378, 11 no. makan and lift wala bunglaw .

Divesh Bhatt :- I was only a mediator in entering into new office building as per the verbal order of the district collector. LIG 07 is a temple of coin businessmen, H18 is a picnic spot for a story of a pair of hours, G2 is a residence of 2500/ defaulter, G35 was double locked instead of breaking as of G38 and lastly F2 is the only compensation of the collector to host the reader and followers and also a centre of group eating. MIG36 & 11 no makan are made by SADA and 378 is a rental owned bungalow. Lift Wala Bunglow behind collector bungalow is a joint venture dream of myself with advocate K N Singh , who constructed a new constitution in which he explains IPC 448.

Today it is again charged to Divesh Bhatt that he speaks a lot but in vain.

Anchor (23) :- You commit COW..................

Divesh Bhatt :- Cow found left but if the owner of the cow (policeman) meets , beat him a lot.

Anchor (24) :- You commit if 5 strait...............

Divesh Bhatt :- If 5 is straight , it is a dealing of 220 Arab sum of money. If SATYAMEV JAYTE written in front, it is a dealing of 30 t c . If 1995 printed, it is a dealing of 1L dollar and if the aero plane becomes crash as we unveil the main plate , the article may cost 17725 K but it is a must to be presence of the barking dog in that who eat note instead of mutton and latrines the same.

Anchor (25) :- That DOG................

Divesh Bhatt :- DOG in the street eaten 15000 sum of money. Now sit & wait to latrine the dog, since he will extract only money.


Anchor (26) :- This means you commit a lot but in vain.

Divesh Bhatt :- In the cycle of coin game it is a policy to demands the goods which are not available and if some sort of goods found in market near Ganga river , the foolish persons commit a lot of lacks in that. The formulae’s of shipping are formulated to destroy the whole system but no one is the purchaser. All the living men are found in a cycle of fool-mediator-tester-financer-party but party doesn't survive at last. Dear monkey brand men , think, Rs 1 is not sufficient to purchase the medicine of mother. Rs 5 is not capable of sufficient milk purchase for baby. Two & half rupees does not a valid money. Rs 10 founds in two peacock and Rs 100 if contains eagle may not run in market due to huge a 4 size. We cannot put medicine of mother in 3 kg bottle and aslso can not drink water in that. The bottle is not a passport of Pakistan and if taken with bucket , one may caught in smuggling. So why is this eager and hunger? You know that half of our population is women and half of them are children. It is a policy of Englishmen to not survive India by habituating commonwealth, cricket, sex, satt, coin and bottle to the 20% working persons. please honor my deep studies otherwise we will destroy ourself. This is the conclusion of my books .

Now we will test the result of public after the break.

Anchor (27) :- Now please quote a message to the Indian through this forum .

Divesh Bhatt :- To remove the rumor of money rain, there are only alternatives to barter system or to design the currency by D K Bhatt photo. This will also cause solution to black money and inflaflation with economic equality as well.

Anchor (28) :- What are your expectation by government through this forum ?

Divesh Bhatt :- Since Dantewada is a naxal district, it is must to have police protection to all of us TEEN MURTI.


SAMPLE :- Purchaser of my books, internet users, viewers and public forced into coin business.

ZHANDUBAM :- Mastermind of 6 to 8 persons , expenses money

Purchaser :- Unavailable naked BABA commit 20 L of 20.

BOLOBABA :- Earned 6 L, Demands deshmukh uncle.

Tank of Rampur :- It is the last creation of my father.

Patient of Kolhapur :- Searches twin for money rain not on goooooo. They are required to transfer Bareli from Agra Immediately. Rest of the details of the questionnaire may found in my books.


1- Only dream - Only Rs. 1 india .......

2- Hobby - Biscuits in bolero

3- Drama - Tank drama SHOLEY movie

4- Vehicles dreamed - Xylo E 8 red & bolero m2dii

5- Movie - Daulat ki Jung

6- Hero ` - Tatttttttti…….. kapoor

7- Gadi - Platina ATCT

8- Pakwan - khyali pulao

9- Election logo - Fati underwear

10- Animal - Hippopotamus & dear

11- Bird - Peahen & Eagle

12- King - CDDeshmukh, ra na malhotra, j p taylor

13- Doctor - Tortoise specialist ASIM

14- Bark - Nano journey

15- Books - 1. '90 crore ki barsaat'

2. 'Asimit noto ki dhanwarsha'




The forum denies all the charges over the writer. She claims to keep the physical and mental labor to a limit in parameters to output more qualitative work. The forum suggests the viewer to leave the coin game instantly and orders 09425636422 + 0992695795 as all India helpline for any matter. The forum will try police protection to the group and to know the detail of the action please call Randhir Prakashan to purchase books of the writer.

















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