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Von Bentlee JSS - Steampunk Rock N Roll Contest | by : VolumeX :
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Von Bentlee JSS - Steampunk Rock N Roll Contest

BACKSTORY: There is a PS (Picture Show) which comes on every Friday night, it's called 'Pimpa my Schtemer", it showcases an extra ordinary view on alternative echt transportational creations. This week's feature was the very anticipated and controversial Drador Bentlee and his Von Bentlee JSS (Jolly Sport SO) The SO stands for 'show off' which had many wondering how such crafts were assembled and made to move at yet unknown speeds, its said it could cover a zurmile in 5 track beams per second!


Ther story follows, a few years back, The Transport Federation of Tracks (TFT) banned any form of super fast propellent, but Drador Bentlee been the entrepreneurial visionarie and pioneer fought on as a true believer that one day man will drive alone in the comforts and in one's own pleasure and a choice of motion. He felt that there was a place and time for such transportation, in an interview with the Local Paper, The Civilian Script, he was quoted as saying, ... "our embarras de choix has reached a point were one can be of stature to afford the fruits of modernism". There was total outrage from the community due to the convoluted idea that this type of transportation was for the transportine's with cash to splash and nothing more forthcoming.

In part true due to that Drador Bentlee was funded by a few followers including energy supplier SteamGasGo Inc. & Steeler Bros Coachmen, Its rumored they helped The TFT be a little lenant on Drador with a healthy donation to their track route into Plac-Beltoria, which was dragging on due to labour and material shortages, and it seems funds dare I say. Not much of the technology designed in the JSS is open knowledge but there are whispers in the wind about a certain 'nicad' which helps store's small doses of power and it carries a number of parts that are adiabatic, additional osmium for internal non moving parts is another avenue of many questions.


So what's next? well once the dust has settled and vicissitude rains in, I'm sure Drador shall continue his quest for personal transportation for the alternatively mindful, till then keep watching Pimpa my Schtemer and you be the judge of what lies ahead!

So without further delay and circumstance... I present Drador Bentlee's most masterful propellent track o vechiculum called the Von Bentlee JSS.


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Taken on January 7, 2012