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    1. Ironmonger 12 months ago | reply

      The lives and hopes of a Book
      Buy one book and get another one free
      a choice and a sale to me may well be
      a novel perhaps or one on food
      or a comedy of Clouseau if you're in the mood
      a photography manual may hold some tips there for me
      then show them of flickr and hope others they may see
      the book on arts looks a little heavy as a read
      and that psychopathology would my hypochondria feed
      i suppose a book on wine would help me choose one for dinner
      but the myths of the the Norsemen could to me be a winner
      i would like to help by buying something to aid a good cause
      as i scan all of the shelves and by each one i then pause
      right that's it i will just reach out for the one i will pick
      and whatever it is by my choice It's by that i will stick
      a book may hold a light that can open your eyes
      where thoughts of and of an outcome becomes the surprise
      for we read on for the knowledge the words will give
      to seek more of the answers for the reasons we live
      not always given the time to find the reason of life
      that we seek day to day and such doubts thought more rife
      but as the words now flow as an emanating light
      that will light up the your world to the visions now in sight
      arrgh I've just realised if it was buy one and get another free
      well! here we go again looks as if I'll be here for hours i can see
      Poem by Ironmonger

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