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Mounting camera stabilizer gimbals to vehicles has proven difficult because of vibrations caused by tires, engines, rotor blades, or any other moving parts. Also, jerky movements of the vehicle can put huge amounts of stress on the gimbals bearings. Our gimbal dampener addresses these problems by supporting the gimbal with flexible wire rope modules. It is designed to isolate the upper mounting plate from vibration, and allow the gimbal to smooth out the lower frequency movements that the gimbal dampener does not remove.

When a gimbal is hard-mounted to a vehicle, the cameras mass and inertia will fight against the vehicles movement. This creates huge amounts of torsional stress on the gimbal and can quickly cause damage, especially while on bumpy roads. Our gimbal dampener allows the gimbal to move freely relative to the vehicle, and thus absorb torsional force.

Our gimbal dampener can be customized to hold multiple payload sizes ranging in weight from a MoVI M5 with a BMPCC, all the way up to a MoVI M15 with a RED Dragon and cinema lenses. This is achieved by using different stiffnesses of wire, and adding/removing wire modules.

Our gimbal dampener allows for the gimbal to be hung off the bottom and can be quickly converted for upright (inverted) use (for payloads under 5.5kg).

The Specs

Max Payload Weight: 26 lbs (11.8kg)
Min Payload Weight: 4 lbs (1.8kg)
Mounting: 3/8" Cheese Plate
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