MacBook Pro's Magsafe adapter melted down
Things like that never happens to yourself, right?

Well that was what I thought as I read about the guy who found his magsafe melted down as he got home from work.
My MacBook Pro was getting hot all the time. But though I didn't spent a second worrying that anything serious might happen. It is just really hot and Apple would address this issue by optimizing their PMU shortly in one of the next Software Updates.

Far wrong as I had to experience two days ago. I was backing up some files, left the room and came back about 30 minutes later. I didn't realize what was happening, grapped the MacBookPro to make way for something else.

The bottom the MacBookPro was so hot that I burned my fingers. In shock I immediately released it, pulled out the MagSafe adapter and hurried to the bathroom to get my fingers in cold flowing water.

Shoot, that was painful!

Back in the room again I had a closer look at the adapter. I took some photos, so form yourself an opinion. The weired thing about it, is that the MacBookPro seems to have no damage at the connector at all.

Anyway I already called AppleCare. They told me that they will report it directly to Apple USA, but they could not hand me a new MacBookPro. The only thing they could do is get the machine repaired.

Very disappointing!

Update 13.06.:
In the meanwhile I had several phonecalls with Apple Europe and finally I got a replacement. It took only 4 workdays counted from the day when I send my old one back. It's the 2.0 GHz version, since the 1.83GHz version is not sold anymore.
The serialnumber starts with W86215.
Running that laptop under full load results in an average temperature of 86 degree celsius. Still uncomfortably hot, but apparently in the middle field compared to other mbp.
However there is still that whine sound, which is extremely anoying.
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