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Day 1062 - Day 332 | by rhome_music
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Day 1062 - Day 332

Lifetime Dream # 31 of my list of 155: I will finish my college degree, in the field of Business Management. I will finish my courses at Texas State or at the University of Phoenix. I will have a large celebration upon the day that I finish my degree and walk the stage to pick up my diploma.


I spent 5 years at Texas State (it was Southwest Texas State University back then) as a Physics and Mathematics major. I quit going for a few reasons, but I remember when I told my parents that I was “taking a break” before finishing, that I would one day complete what I had started. After my divorce, well… it was hard being on a single income, and then it was one reason after another.


My employer, United Healthcare, like many other employers offers tuition reimbursement programs, but with the rising costs of education- they fall short. In 2010 they started a program in San Antonio where the top-performing employees could go back to school at no cost through the University of Phoenix. United Healthcare pays 100% of the costs, and we have to agree to stay with the company for 3 years after graduation. It’s an amazing gesture, and truly it instills a lot of loyalty and pride in the workplace.


The degree I’m pursuing is in Business Management; I plan to specialize my degree and get my Master’s degree- perhaps even my doctorate. I just want to be called Dr. so and so… (kidding- I’m not that egotistical!). Everything is online with the University of Phoenix, so that was a bit of a change. Because I was a Math and Physics major, I don’t have to take any math; everyone in my cohort hates me for that!


Pictured here is my reading materials for the first week of my course (which starts tomorrow). Multiply it by 5, and that’s how much information we’re to retain in a 5 week period… insane!


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Taken on November 28, 2011