4/30/2008 Delivery

We delivered a total of 20 arrangements to Helen Thomas' office on Wednesday. All of the arrangements were put in the conference room for a photograph.

I spoke with Helen personally, she was very appreciative of the flowers, and she wanted to know everyone's name so she could thank them. She was overwhelmed and happy with the flowers. She also indicated that she would like to share the arrangements and make a donation to Children's Hospital.

I am enclosing photographs of all the flowers in the conference room and one of Helen and myself. Meeting her again, made me respect her even more. Even though she is one of the most famoust journalists in the country, she is a very humble and easy to talk to, After talking with her, it is very clear that she is very passionate and dedicated to her profession. She is full of energy and spirit.

I spoke with her about the idea of sending her corsages to wear, but I got the impression that she may not wear the corsages.

One thing I would like to note. When I returned on Wednesday, I noticed that two of the arrangements were not in the conference room. One was an orchid plant and the other was a calla Lily and hydrangea arrangement in an over sized champagne glass. I have sent you photos of these arrangements in her office.

I suggest that we should continue by sending flowers to her office - one arrangement once or twice a week. Secondly we should send more flowers to her home for her to enjoy. Her job is very demanding and she is out-of-pocket often so she may not always be able to see the arrangements sent to her office. Thirdly, I will be tracking her restaurant reservations, and I plan to send flowers to her table before she arrives for lunch/dinner. I recently found out about a restaurant reservation where she will be dining with her friends in May. I planning to have and arrangement sent to her table before she arrives.

All of the arrangements have been sent with cards bearing the messages submitted on the Internet. We will continue to use the messages sent by supporters.

I would like to thank everyone for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to honor Helen Thomas, a person that I admire and respect.


Sefika Kurt
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