EKHO Mobile Workshop
The EKHO Mobile Workshop was designed and custom built from a clean sheet of paper by avid woodworker Elton Hammond P.Eng. (using AutoCAD 3D) to market to woodworkers who need to roll their large and heavy cabinet saw out of the way. It has enough features and accessories to act as a complete self contained Mobile Workshop. Great for the weekend woodworker who may have to share shop space with a car, truck, RV, motorcycle, lawn tractor, etc. Out of my many hundreds of 3D AutoCAD designed products and projects over the years this prototype turned out the closest to the drawings of any I have done! This close match is a reflection of the considerable time and research that went into the design and planning phase before starting the build. If you want to order EKHO's very detailed PDF book plans for this beautiful design please phone 613-822-6935 or email to elton.hammond@ekho.com. Visit www.ekho.com to get ordering information for these professional plans.

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