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Dreaming Reality | by new 1lluminati
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Dreaming Reality

Cosmic Collages> INFINITY and BEYOND: HYPERSPACE in your life ~

To know what time is we must consider a few simple concepts;There are an infinite number of dots in a line.There is an infinity of lines in any plane,and an infinite number of planes in any solid.Similarly, there are an infinite number of 3-spaces within the 'fourth' dimension - an infinite number of alternative universes in the multiverse.


All you need to prove this is geometry, not quantum mechanics.'Space' in our universe (timestream) is filled with vibrations emerging from and disappearing into the quantum field - an infinite sea - at all points in 3-dimensional space. Where these waves rotate to intersect on three axes, matter exists...


Infinite Sea


Time is a fourth dimension extruding from the infinite quantum sea into our 3-space. It is a stream flowing eternally into each material (or energic) body and particle in our universe, at right angles from all possible directions to each centre of 'gravity'.In nature there is no such thing as an ideal two dimensional plane. In nature, all planes have a finite but definite extension into the 3rd dimension. Likewise, in nature all three-dimensional solids have a finite but definite extrusion into higher dimensions. Only a small portion of the dimension of Time (Einstein's time dimension) actually intersects and interacts with 3-space; time is asymmetrical in this portion of TimeSpace, flowing in only one (apparent) direction - toward the apparent future. Yet in Feinmann diagrams (for instance) there is no reason for time to flow one direction.Simultaneously, our 3-space is a cross-section of the 'next' dimension – and, in fact, of all 'higher' dimensions.


Any ‘fourth’ or higher order dimension MUST by definition interact with 3-space at ALL points in our universe - as, geometrically, this 3-space is a cross section of a higher-order space or spaces. Which so-called ‘forces’ most obviously impinge upon all 3-space in our experience? At least two easily recognisable effects impinge upon all points in our universe, and each intrusion has a finite (1-way) aspect to it – these effects are time and gravity. Time flows in one direction - onward (the future is outward in every direction, while a timestream pours into each body at its periphery).Gravity also acts in one direction - inward from the extremities of all bodies toward the centre. Time and gravity are both manifest effects of higher dimensional intrusions into 3-space.


Time as we experience it in 3-space is only an aspect of Time on its 'own plane'. In the dimension of Time there are many time-arrows, not one. In 'hyperspace', there are an infinitude.One property of Time's intrusion into 3-space is the spiralling of all material forms; the action of this 4-space can be apprehended at every point in 3-space, from each body's core to its extremities. Our universe is constructed of spiralling vortices.


A 'Timestream' flows inward to the Earth at right angles from every vector in the heavens; the signature of 4th dimensional intrusion. Time extrudes into 3-space at a higher pressure where matter has a higher density. Time pressure also therefore attenuates outward from each material (or energy) body. An effect of this intrusion is experienced as gravity. Another effect is the spherical form of 3D bodies in timespace and their linkage via the forms of most cohesion and internal symmetry - Platonic solids and higher frequency dome structures.


A timestream also flows into every 3D body, construct or consciousness. It flows in one direction because the Time dimension intrudes upon this portion of our 3-space vortex asymmetrically; the spin directions in both halves of a vortex rotate in mutual opposition.The dimension of Time is inextricably linked with potential; the potential unfolding of waveforms that make up 3-space is infinite at the 'quantum' level - the infinite sea - the fifth dimension. In short, there ARE LITERALLY an infinite number of three-dimensional universes in hyperspace (the quantum field, the zero-point foam).


Our awareness of the third dimension implies that our consciousness is interinked at another 'higher' (non-local) dimension - which is not the asymmetrical dimension of time as we generally experience it. Also - the universe is hologramic in nature and structure.As above, so below…


by R. Ayana


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Taken on October 30, 2013