2011 National Showpiece Championship-Pastry Live
Five teams of some of America's best pastry chefs came together to compete for prizes and the title of National Showpiece Champion. The teams were given six hours in which to complete their entry in either sugar or chocolate.

Day one, Team Mullaney/Ramirez had a very strong start, but day two the other teams were hot on their trail. During the competition Brian Whitcomb from Garage 71 Radio, was broadcasting interviews with Chef Paul Bodrogi, Michael Joy and Bill Lipscomb.

Six hours later as the showpieces went up, the excited escalated. Very different styles were shown, and the work was just beautiful. The photos reveal, the contestants were thrilled!

The task of judging fell to some of most capable hands in the industry; Jean-Marie Auboine, Stephen Durfee, Jerome Landrieu, Susan Notter, Vincent Pilon, Karen Portaleo, Michelle Tampakis and head judge, Stéphane Treand, MOF. The pieces were so impressive, no one envied the judges.

For the more information please visit www.pastrylive.com/national-showpiece-championship/

Thanks to all the participants for making this event so successful, see you next year!
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