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Day 37, Arizona, I think, Dr Myles Drake, I've been traveling since the start of spring, I haven't really seen much of anyone, but then again, I decided to take an older road, Route 66, I heard you can get your kicks on it. I haven't seen much of anyone, which worries me, things are abandoned, nothing anywhere, plenty of supplies though, thank god. The bike is good on gas, I'll say that much. I found a digital recorder yesterday. Today I managed to find shelter an in old shed. Had some water in it, a tool box, it was a relief, I was able to adjust the bike a bit, not to much though. I might have to ditch some of my gear, or find a car. It's just too much. Night falling soon, I'm still heading north east, I hear Flagstaff has some people left, maybe I'll find the wife and kids there. Maybe I won't. I'll stick to Route 66, at one point there was a service station every 50 miles, maybe I'll get lucky. I've got plenty of gas in the bike so I'm not worried about that. Food's running low though, water too. Maybe a week left if I eat sparringly and ration my water.

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Taken on July 13, 2012