Woodland Shawl Chart

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This is a chart for Nikol Lohr's Woodland Shawl stitch pattern. I knew I'd be hopeless with the written instructions so I charted the stitch pattern with Jacquie's KnitChart.

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  1. Tree Casiano 102 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much for putting this chart together. I began working on this pattern last night and grew increasingly frustrated. Now I have this handy chart! My frustration will be over. :-)

  2. jiva 102 months ago | reply

    wow! this is great, just the sort of way I love to see patterns. Thank you!

  3. shannwa 101 months ago | reply

    This is great. Just one question, and i feel really dumb b/c I can't figure it out: What do the numbers to the right of the row numbers mean? I think they have something to do with stitches lost or gained from the row before, but I'm just not sure.

    ETA: Okay, nevermind. That's exactly what the numbers mean. I just spent a minute actually concentrating on the chart and figured that out. :)

  4. jiva 101 months ago | reply

    thank you for sharing.. here's mine so far.

  5. knitanette 98 months ago | reply

    Thanks. I'm a chart knitter!

  6. Tigergirl's family 98 months ago | reply

    Thank you...........

  7. bluebunny 93 months ago | reply

    thanks for taking the time to do this & for sharing!

  8. pac-saihalee 91 months ago | reply

    i love your chart but i'm confused p1/k1 [ square with dot] and k1/p1 [suare] we ca do it both? saichalee

  9. jiva 91 months ago | reply

    it means K right side P wrong side for the blank square
    and P right side and K wrong side for the dotted square.

    This should then keep your pattern in order and working right and wrong side of the knitting. Once you've got the pattern working it will be easy to see the difference.

  10. Liralen Li 90 months ago | reply

    Thank you, so much, for doing this.

  11. Jass-SF 87 months ago | reply

    I was comparing the chart and the written instructions and there seems to be inconsistencies. The written instructions state that "SK2P" means slip 1, k2tog, psso, while the chart legend shows those stitches as slip2, k1, p2sso. Also, the written instructions say "SKP" equals slip 1, knit 1, psso, while the chart legend shows those stitches as SSK, which usually means, slip 2 stitches knitwise one at a time and then knit them through the back loop. I don't know if it makes any difference in the finished project, though.

  12. SkyNorth 82 months ago | reply

    Yes! A pattern that is chart only! I cant bear it when you get charts and instructions together which do not go together, and there are plenty of those on the Rav!
    This is a simple chart but which knits easily. It reminds me of Totally Autumn -A.Hanson in that it is easy enough to knit while watching television but enough variation not to be totally mindless.
    Thank you so much!
    Will share pics once finished.

  13. P-tricia 82 months ago | reply

    thank you¡

  14. Marizel Pelayo 77 months ago | reply

    thanks so much for this. I too am a a chart knitter, and this is easier to read and cart about with the project. Plus I was reminded that SSK and SKP basically lean in the same direction, but SSK is easier to TINK. Because I know I'll make mistakes and have to go back.

  15. Matthew Walton 75 months ago | reply

    I have now seen the light with regard to knitting from chart instead of instructions. Much easier for this kind of project! Thank you!

  16. CabledCrusader 69 months ago | reply

    Hurrah for charts!

  17. Lunasmom 65 months ago | reply

    Fabulous! Thanks so much for doing this.

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