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Work It! Cycle 2 Results + Theme 8! | by •Caboose•
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Work It! Cycle 2 Results + Theme 8!

Hiya girls! Ya like my new dress? It's totally chic. So, I thought I would surprise ya'll and bring in our last guest judge for this season! So, meet Anna, who one of our own, Alesana, went up against in a long, fun battle to be Bratz Next Top Model. Alesana won, but Anna was a fierce competitor. So, we brought her in to judge your photos with me! Now, let's see how you women coped with our ever-changing Earth.

In no order:



Anna: love how this photo is so colorful and bright! Your hair is gorgeous as well! The only thing I don’t like about this photo is that you look very uncomfortable. I also would have wished if you had your hair pink or makeup pink. Just so you would have blended in with the flowers a bit more.

Brooke: GUUUURRRRRLLL I'M WEARING YUR FLOWAHS. xD But, I love this shot of you! It's so fresh and clean and innocent, which I really like! I like your hair, I just wish it was up and big in a messy bun, and the photo was zoomed in closer. Other than that, this shot is amazing!!



Anna: This is an okay shot, Emma. You looked worried and scared. The skirt pops out more than your face, which is not very good. I also would have liked to see your head tilted straight. I’m speechless, in both ways.

Brooke: I'm sorry Emma, but I agree with Anna. This photo is weak, like I would see it in week one. I like the makeup, and the skirt, but the top is horrific. You should have picked a different pair of shoes also. I like the hair alot though! But please, work on that blank stare.



Anna: Makayla, this is stunning! I love how you added “wild” effect to it. The only thing I don’t like and that brings you down a lot is how your bangs are covering your eyes. Remember, the eyes are special in the modelling world.

Brooke: This is perfect! I usually don't like over-edited photos, but this fits perfectly! I wish you did show those dang beautiful eyes though!



Anna: I love how fresh and vibrant this is! You look very tall in this photo as well. The hands are near the crotch area, which is not very nice. If you had more eye contact with the camera, this would of been a fantastic shot!

Brooke: You look so simple in this photo, which makes me see true potential in you. I also have a slight problem with the pose, it makes you look like you have to pee. Also, the shoes and makeup don't match. But, you look so confident in this photo I can almost see over those flaws!



Anna: (I had trouble getting back in contact with her for this photo so only I will judge)

Brooke: Rina...This is a mess. You are wearing a man, made outfit, and your pose looks like a dying model. It's very unprofessional. I can't find anything I like of this photo.


So, that is all the photos I got in! I really don't like being harsh, but were getting down to final themes. So..Yeah. Now for the callout order!


2. Makayla

3. Shizuko

4. Emma

(Violet didn't do her photo but she is still here)

So, top photo goes to............Melody! Congratz girl :D



Coco and Rina.

Coco: You're here because your photos have been pretty good, but you just don't push yourself hard enough. And not doing your photo this week makes it a tad bit worse. I want to see a huge improvement in your photo next week...If you stay.

Rina: You're no stranger down here. Like I said before, your photos are not good enough. I know you have amazing potential and you are such an unique girl, but this photo was bad. I really hate being mean, but you need to get some tough love.


So, who stays?

The girl who has been doing pretty good, but not good enough? or the girl who is so beautiful, but doesn't show it in her photos?

The girl who is staying another week in this house is...Coco. I'm sorry Rina, please pack your bags and head on home. I know you will have luck in the future.


Hello final 6! As you know, this will be super tough now. Let's move onto your next theme!

And your next theme is...Before the glam! I want to see what goes on BEFORE your final photo! Here is some insperation:



~ Make it in mid action. No eye contact!

~ black and white please.

~ be very natural!



Good luck!

-Brooke <33

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Taken on May 5, 2012