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Quick bridge test. Printed with the Ultra Quality Ultimaker Profile. Thingiverse item 7461 on Ultimaker

As a newbie to 3D printing I often find mention of impossible things.


Which I love, because I don't have the 3D printing experience 'law book' in my head telling me you can't do that.


Hence I played around with extreme overhangs and small layer heights with surprisingly crisp corners ;).


Anyway it was mentioned that the Ultimaker Ultra Quality profile would probably not print bridges well. So I decided to give it a go with my newly edited fan housing. The results pleasantly surprised me considering I had not considered bridging to be a requirement when I made the profiles (I was thinking of PVA water soluble filament as support).


The filament bridges nicely, the first wall strand sagged minutely but held (you can just about see it in the picture, i'll do a better one when I've charged my camera up).


To be honest this really, really surprised me as my results looked better than many bridged parts I had seen out there at many times the layer height and frankly to a newbie looks like a usable result without tweaking.


So I guess another 3D printing law is very slightly bent out of shape thanks to the flexibility of the Netfabb profile settings and the Ultimaker design.


Trouble is of course I have just found something else I want to try and get as close to perfect as I can :) Time to revisit the profiles Florian.


Love this printer!


P.S. You will have to excuse the walls, I loaded the new Netfabb version a while before printing this and I haven't reloaded my personal calibration yet. Bah so lazy......

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Taken on October 14, 2011