'Ol Bright Eyes

This beautiful Horse fly was sitting on a leaf in the Garden, my second one ! Made up :D

I saw it and knew instantly from behind it was a female, so distinctive, still no male as of yet - but still looking.


They seldom fly away when disturbed and this one was no exception. She sat still and now and agin flailed here legs out as if she couldn't see - quite funny actually.

I noticed she must have been very hungry as she didn't move much and it was quite cold out, so I placed some honey onto the leaf and she went at it like a gull on fish !


I got some nice shots, but i really wanted a blue sky in the background, which was not happening this dull, cold, miserable summers* day.


Hope to find a male soon, just as beautiful I've been told !


Have a great week all, hope it's sunny !

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Taken on July 9, 2012