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Concrete / Cinder Block / Brick Tower

I'd like to build a 30-foot (maybe higher) tower with these bricks but don't think the column would be strong enough if it was just 8-blocks thick. My idea would be to turn a block on the side, which was filled with concrete and a 4x4 to use as a spiral staircase to the top. Maybe if each layer had steel mesh between the mortar and all holes filled with rebar & concrete (but the rebar wouldn't go through the bricks on their sides)? I'd build an 8-foot square deck on top. Did a Google search for something similar and didn't find anything. Also wonder if the 4x4s would break, they would be irreplaceable. Certainly would have to get a zoning variance and all the permits. Have to design a sturdy base that won't tip the tower over.


Any links or ideas? Please comment.

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Taken on July 23, 2012