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ABORTION // Fetus & Moron | by 666isMONEY ☮ ♥ & ☠
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ABORTION // Fetus & Moron

This man is a moron!


We live in an ungodly world but that is because of money.

If babies were really needed, abortion would be a crime.

Unfortunately, only morons (who can't afford to raise children) have babies.

God hates abortion but hates more for children to suffer.

Fetus is not a living, breathing soul (πνευμα).


The only reasons I believe in God (or have hope for the future) is because of miracles I've experienced, including "seeing" God when I entered the womb through spontaneous self-hypnotic regression and a near death, out-of-body experience. Non-believers are like virgins -- they never experienced God.


It's not necessary to know God (intimately or carnally, like Adam knew Eve and had a son), neither is it necessary to have babies or lose Ur virginity.


I also believe, if there is a Messiah, he/she will be a virgin. Thing is: I'm not sure this world is worth saving . . . better off with a few billion less ppl?


A Messiah could save the world if he/she hooked up with a bunch of famous ppl, like Nelson Mandella, Jimmy Carter and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


A Messiah would abolish money, laws (law would be in U'r heart) and international boundaries.


A Messiah would also declare all current world religions are false: If it's not logical, it's not of God!


In the end (if nothing miraculous happens), I may end up cursing God on my deathbed for this stupid, meaningless existence.


Shot through the roof of the car waiting to make a left turn.




Americans See Children's Future Dim in Poll as 50% Pessimistic


(BLOOMBERG) 12 Oct 2010 -- Americans say they have weathered the worst of the longest recession in seven decades, even as they are pessimistic about prospects for their retirement years, according to a Bloomberg National Poll.


Three in five respondents to the Oct. 7-10 poll say their economic condition has improved recently or they are confident it will get better. One in three say things have gotten worse or aren’t likely to improve anytime soon. [snip]


What optimism there is about the immediate future doesn’t carry over to the longer term. Pluralities of those polled say they’re not hopeful they will have enough money in retirement and expect they will have to keep working to make up the difference. More than 50 percent aren’t confident or are just somewhat confident their children will have better lives than they have.


Read more.




Ex-UA coed gets 5-year sentence


A former UA student who was arrested after her newborn son was found in a laundry bag inside her dorm was sentenced to five years in prison Friday.


Sarah Tatum, 21, pleaded guilty last month to aggravated assault and child abuse under circumstances likely to cause death.


Tatum was 19 when she gave birth to a boy on the afternoon of Feb. 23, 2009, in a bathroom stall in the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall.


University of Arizona police found the baby inside a laundry bag at the foot of Tatum's bed, according to court documents.


The baby was released from University Medical Center on March 12, 2009, and has since been adopted.


Defense attorney Laura Udall said her client thought the baby was stillborn. (The baby has cerebral palsy.)


Read more at Arizona Daily Star, 16 Oct 2010.

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Taken on October 13, 2010