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Pima County Assessor & Board of Equalization Cheat Raquel | by 666isMONEY ☮ ♥ & ☠
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Pima County Assessor & Board of Equalization Cheat Raquel

The document on the left shows that two other property-tax payers' vacant lots in a subdivision are assessed at $10,263, they own 5-lots between them. I own nine lots in this subdivision, my lots are assessed at $35,000.


I can't sell these lots now due to the economy and, the subdivision's roads in Unit 5 have not been put in yet or the sewers approved. A developer won't buy "as is" and put the roads in, so these 10-lots are worth less than the ones in Unit 2


Currently, our Unit 2 & 5 HOAs are suing the sewer contractor for not proving they compacted the soil under the roads, where the sewers are. Without proof of impacting, the County won't approve our sewers.


If the sewers were approved in Unit 2, they would be worth $30k ea. if not approved, we'll hafta pay thousands more to get it right.


Other parts of Unit Two have houses. Once the sewers are approved, the majority lot owners (they own about 90% of the lots) will offer to sell our lots to a housing developer, like KB Homes.


Almost every dollar I earn goes to pay property taxes (no long vacation this year), the taxes are draining me like vampires. If I don't pay five years in a row, I'll lose the land to taxes . . . same way I got them in the first place. "What goes around comes around."


Used to be I could sell lots easily. The lots were like a bank account. Now they're not selling. Prices are reduced to half the price they were three years ago. (Half the assessed values.)


Pima County Assessor did not reduce the values on any of my lots this year Pinal County Assessor did, I didn't appeal any of the lots I own in Pinal County. One of the lots in Pinal once sold for $125k during the peak, now I can't sell it for $23k. That's how bad it is here.


I kept telling them (with graphs to prove it), "The market values have declined to 2006-levels where the taxes were affordable."


Best viewed original size.


Map link shows Unit Two; Unit 5 is east of Two -- a very old satellite view .


Here's a picture of one of my lots in Unit Two.


National Bank of Arizona lost $35-million on loans to develop these lots.


See also this pic of me before the State Board of Equalization.




UPDATE (9 June 2011): I missed the deadline to appeal this year. (Thought the appeal date was the same as Pinal County's.) I really hate the Assessor for not believing me that these properties are overvalued.


Essentially the Deputy Assessors are calling me stupid and a liar as if they know what I can sell these for.


Many of these properties the County would be interested in buying for parks and conservation. (Here's my proposal to the County to buy some land. Unfortunately, the County doesn't have any money to buy anymore. A few years ago they bought about $90,000 of land from me.


I believe they are doing this to me because they hate me and that they are either extremely evil, inept or they know they have to suck as much money as they can to keep their boat afloat.


The Unit Two sewers were approved and I anticipate selling two lots soon but it's complicated.


Hope to get out of this business and sell everything, taxes are waaaay toooo much!




UPDATE (19 Feb 2012): Woke up today thinking how the Pima County Assessor is ruining my livelyhood. (Note that the Pinal County Assessor has reduced my assessed values according to the economy.) I was thinking: These deputy assessors can tell their grandchildren how, during the Great Recession they ruined me. The housing values in Pima County have fallen to 2003-levels and they are NOT reducing my values accordingly. When I bought these vacant lots, the values were very low and I could afford to pay taxes . . . I'm going to write a long letter to accompany my appeals this year and confront these devils face-to-face to hear their responses! I think about this every day . . . it hurts.

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Taken on September 6, 2010