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Dear Facebook



Dear Facebook,


I am doing something drastic this night, July 10, 2011. I am un-friending you. My account will be deleted after I post this as my last update. I will take a screenshot to memorialize this moment of freedom and keep it on my site, where I am going to keep things that I think the future will find interesting (a future beyond all of our lifetimes).


Why am I doing such a thing? Honestly, I have nothing against you, we have had a great relationship, for the most part. Until you started asking for more and more control, hiding your true intentions while sharing my info behind my back to strangers.


I understand this can happen anywhere on the internet, but I thought our relationship was special, and I Trusted you. What's more, you haven't done what I have repeatedly asked: add a 'dislike' button.


You have reduced users' lives to neat status updates and banal sharing of links and clever bits of 1's and 0's in the hopes of getting 'likes'. You are playing with humanity's need for attention, acceptance and accomplishment (the three evil a's) and I am sick of playing the game in your arena.


What have you given me besides cheap clicks and a few LOLCATS laughs mixed in with pictures of people's babies, 'clever' updates by my friends and acquaintances and a giant time suck of my precious hours in the day? It sickens me how much time I have wasted.


So now, I am moving to google+ for now since it simply lets me post to different groups and gets out of the way for everything else. This may eventually go away as well if it ends up being Facebook 2.0.


If you want to get in touch with me, I am always an email away, I am sorry things didn't turn out but I feel this is necessary for me to keep my humanity from seeping into little status boxes and I can only hope that other people begin to realize how much of tools they are becoming to their own creations. To the rest of you I plead -- get out of here, breathe for God's sake, and have faith in a post-attention creative society of makers and collaborators instead of selfish fat-ass consumer-driven society that promotes duping your neighbor to make a buck. I don't have any answers, but I know we can do better than this (shame on you Zuckerberg for turning this into a monster).

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Uploaded on July 11, 2011