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my own king.


Today I had ANOTHER photo adventure! This was another special treat. I got to spend the day with David Talley, Brian Oldham AND Alex Stoddard! I've never met Alex before so it was really awesome to finally meet him in person, such a talent…as well as everyone else!


So we went to this burnt down mansion were Alex really wanted to shoot with this tub. After we hauled it over to the nearest pond…we all decided to use it lol. I didnt plan a concept prior to this day so I kinda shot on the fly. I've wanted to shoot something with a paper homemade crown. A lot has changed recently with my life and I have to remember not to get lost with what I want to pursue, not get lost in the fog(or powdered chalk lol). I need to be my own king, where I am in charge of what I wish to do.


After the shoot, and getting harassed by this really mean guy who abused his children…we were craving chinese food. So we drove to the nearest place and THAT was another adventure haha…I still don't know what I ate/ordered..


Enjoy! And watch out for posts from those three from the day! I cant wait to see what they create <3


Model: The awesome Brian Oldham

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Uploaded on July 19, 2012