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SE/30 System & Newton 2100 | by jd_wages
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SE/30 System & Newton 2100

This is my accelerated DiiMO 50MHz SE/30 setup, with 128MB RAM and Apple HD20SC external zero footprint hard drive enclosure (4.5GB 7200rpm SCSI mechanism inside) sitting beneath the Mac. The keyboard is a slimline Apple IIgs model, smaller than the stock SE/30 keyboard. The Newton 2100 connects nicely with the SE/30 via Ethernet or Serial and exchanges information with Apple's NCU software. (If you click All Sizes and look closely at my large photo, you can see the enclosure is for the Message Pad 2000, but the internal circuit board was upgraded to the 2100.)


Thanks to the IIsi ROM inside, this SE/30 can easily run OS 7.6.1 and 8.1. I currently have System 6.0.8, System 7.1, 7.5.5, 7.6.1 and 8.1 on a 1GB boot partition, and I can select which OS to boot from via System Picker.


The SE/30 system is powered through a Sophisticated Circuits PowerKey Classic, which allows me to turn on the SE/30 and external drive by the simple touch of the power button on the keyboard. It also auto powers off all devices when I select ShutDown.


I also replaced the SE/30's internal fan with a 60mm Silenx iXTREMA IXP-34-16, which cut the noise level to about 1/5 of what it was before (in other words, I can't hear the Silenx fan at all over the sound of the spinning hard drive).


I originally had the 4.5GB hard drive inside the SE/30 but later moved it to the external enclosure to reduce heat inside the computer. The other side benefit to this arrangement is that the HD20SC raises the SE/30 to almost the perfect height for me, so I don't have to constantly look down at the screen.


What you see on the screen is MacTools 4.0 Disk Clinic checking the hard disk contents.


In the background and just above the Newton are the 3 modems used by my 100Mbps fiber optic internet connection. Yes, I have the SE/30 browsing the web on this internet connection, at 10Mbps Ethernet 10-BT speeds of course, via MacCon Ethernet card connection through a 100/10BT Ethernet Hub. My G4 Cube shares this connection and I can exchange files to an from the SE/30 and Cube easily. I can connect to the Cube from the SE/30 via any OS on the SE/30 (even System 6) when the Cube is running OS 9. But I need to run 7.5.5 and higher to connect over AppleTalk when the Cube is running OS 10.4 Tiger.


For lively discussions on classic "compact" Mac computing, I recommend the 68kMLA Compact Mac forum.


I was surprised and honored to have been approached by Giles Turnbull for a Cult of Mac article on this SE/30. I hope it inspires some of you to take a trip back to the past with that old Mac lurking in your closet.



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Taken on August 23, 2008