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Man vs. Border Collie | by Mountain Visions
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Man vs. Border Collie

Ever spend time wondering what animals would win what competitions.


For instance, if a moose, a polar bear or a hippopatomus were to race in a 100m freestyle which would win? Now this would be in a olympic size pool (50m) so there would only be one turn.


Most people don't realize a moose can swim at over 6 miles per hour. For perspective, the top speed of my boat on flat water is about 6.5mph. A polar bear can jump 20+ feet and are found between 20-50 miles off shore on a regular basi, and well a hippo is just a heck of a good swimmer.


For my money I'd say the polar bear. He can get a huge jump at the start off the blocks, and his flip turns are probably world class.


Now our competition was man vs. border collie in the 25m stick retrieve. He's about 50 human years but as he always notes, a superior intellectual and physiological specimen. Me I'm 30 and have the physique of a giant couch potato. He swims as much as 5 miles per day paddling, I watch him swim 5 miles. He follows me on my mountain bike, I barely run as fast as he trots.


Who's your money on?

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Taken on July 10, 2007