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Aim On Black Mountain (c.2003) | by Mountain Visions
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Aim On Black Mountain (c.2003)

Well, if you are a bit slow, and haven't noticed all my missing spouses photos that have even a hint of snow or ice have a c.19XX or 200X on them.


Why might this be? Simple, in order to be in a photo, you must be on a hike. Thus, no new photos. She was last seen on a wintry (but temperate) sunrise hike in Nov of 2006, and before that, jeeze, maybe 2003 (no joke I have photos, or lack of photos to prove it). Since then, there is this chick that shows up for the summer for about 12 weeks, only she takes off when the leaves change. 52-12=40 weeks as a bachelor, not a bad setup if you ask me!!


Reminds me of a Garth Brooks song! Actually reminds me of about 10 Garth Brooks songs.


The main verse I have in mind:


Last time I saw her it was turnin' colder

But that was years ago (seriously like 2006)

Last I heard she had moved to Boulder

But where she's now I don't know

But there's somethin' 'bout this time of year

That spins my head around

Takes me back makes me wonder

What she's doin' now


The good news is I assume she does somewhat look like this still, I suppose I could photoshop her into the photos, but then I'd just look like one of those creepy guys trying to pick up internet chicks telling people,


"no really that is my poor dead wife, god bless her soul...and you are right, she does resemble Angelina Jolie, I never noticed that before since I married her for her warm heart and gigantic freaking brain."


Don't worry though. I've saved all her gear just like it was. Her crampons, plastic mountaineering boots, 0F down sleeping bag and snowshoes,, all sit untouched as a schrine to my dear departed wife (sniffle sniffle).

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Taken on January 25, 2008