Panorama of Sunrise Seen From Cascade Mountain

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The best of the sunrise panos thus far. I think I'll be able to put a second one together with the alpen glow to the west.

I'm never happy with actual sunrise panos, and really the best panos I take usually are pre and post sunset, or mid day. I think the rapidness of the changing light is tough to capture rapidly enough. And combine that with the inability to use split ND filters and you have a mess.

However, standing on a winter summit, in the dark, handling metal and small dials isn't all that appealing, at least when the sun comes up you get to warm up fast. I didn't realize till it was time to change SD cards that my finger tips had no feeling whatsoever, however, I was never cold otherwise in the calm (fairly calm) summit breeze.

  1. lemontwist301 [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Do you camp there overnight or get there extremely early so as to be there when the sun rises? I've never camped out in the ADK mountains (Girl Scout camp doesn't count) so I've never seen the sun rise there. Must look wonderful in real life.

  2. Mountain Visions ages ago | reply

    It depends. Sometimes I camp but honestly my fitness is awful right now, so I've been doing this sunrise deal to motivate myself and basically justify short quick hikes as a path to fitness, considering the tripod and camera gear weight 15lbs, plus food, water, clothes, snowshoes, and crampons, my pack is a decent 25-35lbs which makes for a good workout. But it's still less than the probably 45lbs (55 with the tripod) I'd have to carry for an overnight.

    All three of the trips in January were like 3:30-4am starts from home, and then on the trail by 5-6am depending on the length of hike.

    You should do some camping in the backcountry...winter is best because of the solitude but it's not hard to find it in the summer too if you go off the beaten path...scout camp was a ton of fun, but i didn't learn much about camping there either.

  3. Matthew Singer ages ago | reply

    That's awful ambitious of you to get to get out by 3:30 am. On a good day, I'm out of the house by 7 and at the trail by 9. Hardly good for sunrise. I'm also usually back at the car by sunset. Not that I mind hiking in the dark. I always bring my headlamp with me just in case.

    This is fantastic and truly is the best time of day to photograph the landscape.

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

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