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Okay all this drama is getting annoying. There are some things I feel like no one is understanding. First off to target the drama in general. If you don't like the drama and want to avoid it then don't put yourselves in situations where it may happen. Now if you look at my stream you will notice something. NO DRAMA. Now I may not get as much attention compared to alot of the other people in the lego community but there is no drama and I like it that way. That brings me to another point, popularity.

I see it happen WAY to much. A person will post a picture saying "Hey guys what do you want me to build". That pisses me off beyond belief. DON'T BUILD TO PLEASE OTHERS! Just build for your own pleasure. To see the types of things you can make. To see how far your efforts can go. While having 100's of screaming fanboys must be fun it is just a cool little side effect. The only time you should build for others is when you want to sell something.

Also I hate all the people leaving. It's one thing to leave but when your reason is because other people are leaving that's just stupid. You can't really get to much more hypocritical. All you are doing then is creating more people wanting to leave for the same stupid purpose. How about instead of leaving you stay and contribute to the community in a way that you make it better? And if you are leaving because lots of great builders aren't active. Well there are always more coming in.

It wasn't that long ago that we didn't have Wimbe, Carson Hart, Magus and many others. You have to try to find them. I am always finding new people who are great. Alot of times they just need a little help. I remember when Magus only had two faves a pic. They were from me and ToyWiz who was always added. Now look at how many he gets. I found Wimbe when his first build didn't even have a comment and now he has forever changed the mech building comunitty.I found Carson Hart when hew literally only had one comment and look how far he has come! Now basically every other day I find new people with amazing potential. How about instead of complaining at the amount of inactive good builders there are you try to find new ones and help them. If you see a "noob" who needs instead of trolling how about you help him? Give advice on anything he/she needs help on. If we all do this then maybe the Flickr Lego community can be brought back to how it used to be!


Please read all of this and copy and paste the rant on your stream!



I like to have fun on my stream but this just isn't one of those pictures.

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Taken on April 9, 2012