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    Looks really beautiful tog!
  • atzura82 8y

    I love them all!
  • zahirah Motala Sardar 8y

    thanks guys :)
  • sunspark58 8y

    Wow these all look so good! I couldn't choose a favourite if I tried!
  • zahirah Motala Sardar 8y

    ta sunspark :) i should delete the rest :)
  • FusionJosie 8y

    I am absolutely astounded, I don't think I could ever do anything like that even with all the patience in the world!

    You are a pro!
  • cakebaker_cakemaker 8y

    Lots of fun and creatitvity....gorgeous display of cute shoes:):)
  • zahirah Motala Sardar 8y

    thanks fusion hey ive got the worst patience level honest i think if u enjoy it ul start churning them out:)

    thanks for all the sweet comments cakebaker cakemaker it means alot to me seriously :)
  • cakebaker_cakemaker 8y

    You are most welcome Zalita...truly it's my pleasure each day to look at your newest creation:):)
  • Rosie Lilya 8y

    I just want you to know, that I have been dreaming mini shoes ever since I saw you first posting on these! I made one- doesn't compare to yours, but I'll keep trying!
  • lollipop workshop 8y

    wowzers!! you need to give yourself a big ole' pat on the back for a job well done! they are ALL so wonderful! I bet people have a hard time eating these, huh?? =0)
  • zahirah Motala Sardar 8y

    thanks Teamlilya plz post im sure they look cute we never happy with our work???

    be cheery the kids eat them they picked them off the cakes its tasty :) and thanks sooooo much for da shweet comments always ;)
  • cayndzz tan 8y

    wow! you inspire me zalita :)
  • zahirah Motala Sardar 8y

    thanks candyzz thats what we here for hey ? :)
  • Kelly O'Brien 8y

    OMG! These are SOOOO cute!!!
  • zahirah Motala Sardar 8y

    thanks glass slipper:)
  • clee525 8y

    You say you're not a professional ... but you very well can be! Your creations are utterly delightful. I really enjoyed looking at them. Made me feel like a little girl again...and I never liked cutsy, delicate, flowery things (which says a lot)!

  • zahirah Motala Sardar 8y

    clee thanks i never liked cutesy stuff too but i guess it comes out sometime:)
  • leschick 8y

    beautiful, where on earth do you find these amazing cupcakes?
  • Min Chan 8y

    Gasp! *speechless*
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