Creating Togetherness, Sanjeevani Way!
“By merely saying “we are together” is not togetherness; it must be felt by both sides & what better way there can be than sharing for making other person feel that you are along”...

At team Sanjeevani we believe in strength of togetherness & always extend our hand wherever possible. Indeed we all work in our respective profession/ fields & prime object is making some money & nothing wrong in it as money is important! Only a fool says I don’t care for money or I crave for it but a wise looks at money as one of the tool or a medium for better life style, that’s all. You need money for many things right from purchasing winter wears in bitter cold of Kanha forest winters to buy sanitizers while you are patrolling on empty roads in some epidemic. As well there are many people around who don’t have anybody to look after their well being, ask them what they want most & answer will be money! Issue is why you want money, is for your survival or for just for heck of it that decides what you are!

That’s why I said we too at Sanjeevani work to earn money but for us more important is the way we depart with the earned money as we try to use every our earnings to share in best possible way with the needy ones around us, that’s use of money for us! Sharing few of moments the way we use our earnings , not to show how generous we are but some where someone can think better than us & do good with his or her earnings to enlighten us to use our money in more better way creating togetherness around as that’s what the world needs today!

Sanjay Deshpande & team Sanjeevani

March 20
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