Chicago River

Went to Chicago today and caught this shot of the Chicago River about 2pm. This water arch shoots out across the river for several minutes at a time. Ive never been at this spot at the right time before. It was a very clear day downtown and this really was a pretty sight.


Hope you had a nice weekend :-)

  • Rachel Kramer 6y

    Thanks for your comment, Theresa. Just wanted you to know that because of some perfect lighting, what you thought was water behind the tulips I shot was actually pavement! Just goes to show that good lighting can make anything beautiful. Hope you have a nice week!
  • Shobeir Ansari 6y

    This is great Theresa, nicely captured.
  • Sherrye Steffens 6y

    Outstanding clarity! Wahoo! Very nice :-)
  • Surinder Midha 6y

    Wow, it is pretty sight, love the contemporary architecture of those tall sky scrapers too !!
    It is long weekend here and tomorrow is Victoria day holiday in Canada
  • superchargedgt 6y

    Nice shot. I like the way it's also presented on the screen.
  • Cliff Zener 6y

    Wow what clarity. I love the color and textures on those buildings. Way cool shot Theresa.
  • Katarina Stefanović 6y

    Wonderful composition!

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)
    This is Perfect!

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  • Tom Gill 6y

    Excellent capture. I'm surprised that thing is still running - I remember it from the mid 90's.
  • RebeccaRJ 6y

    WOW Excellent work here~!

    What a beautiful scene...... I love visiting Chicago...
  • Francesco 6y

    I love Chicago, I think it has some of the most interesting architecture in North American. fine capture here.
  • Ken Yuel 6y

    This is beautiful Theresa, I think I have stood in that same place but the weather was overcast for me. Lucky you to be only 30 miles or so from the big I like the light for this and that spray of water is lovely. So what would a condo go for in that building...3/4 mil or more for a small one....:-))
  • Joe Balynas 6y

  • Dean 6y

    Postcard perfect!
  • Mark Kinsman 6y

    Great image! I like the point of view. The weather was perfect for you too!
    I have some Images from the film days - while this was still a new water feature of the river that you have inspired me to find!
  • chhayapath :-) 6y

    how amazing!
  • pamelalong 6y

    I'm so impressed when people can get a good shot in bright sun. This is really gorgeous. The colors are all so clear and vivid. Excellent work!
  • Warren Mackenzie 6y

    Great photo, slim frame and drop shadow. You took it perfectly and put it together professionally (even better than that).
  • Justin Kern 6y

    Hey I know this place! I love that fountain - cool shot.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?²ˣ)
  • Mark Baldwin 6y

    This is a great Chamber of Commerce shot! I really like all the colors in this shot.
  • Loco Steve 4y

    Interesting I guess it goes off randomly I guess its a good place to steer clear of in a rowing boat
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