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    1. 007manytimes 25 months ago | reply

      @slyTrick...Oh you're too much. tell another one...

    2. giroldt 25 months ago | reply

      your just too cool Teller!!! YOU GET EM'

    3. mdot_ironman 25 months ago | reply

      Can anyone say "DORK-ALERT"? Really? We're worried about 2 "majicians" suing each other for $3,050 over a trick? Wow, Yahoo... You guys have really gone downhill.

    4. MaskedMarvyl 25 months ago | reply

      , then let's see you do it. Otherwise, shut the F up....

    5. keenerblue 25 months ago | reply

      Teller has never told anybody about his trick. He is certainly not a teller of tales.

    6. veeguy 25 months ago | reply

      JohnnyBrutal whacks off as bystanders laugh...

    7. DaveScottPhoto 25 months ago | reply

      Take him down Teller!

    8. zagros_sadjadi 25 months ago | reply

      oldwolf51, you don't need to renew copyrights anymore. That was done away with in 1978.

    9. rastagrrl1 25 months ago | reply

      it would be worth 3000.00 to piss teller off as much as hes pissed me off!.. hes a horrble ploitical plant with his stupid assistent penn.. if they coud leave their agenda out of it im sure more would be able to focus on the entertainment it stands i think this is a publicity stunt as well any practicing magician can tell you several ways to do this..not hard!

    10. spcarlson-artist 25 months ago | reply

      Now, all of a sudden exposure is important...

    11. Magic Dude1 25 months ago | reply

      Boo Hoo for Teller. Those two clowns have been exposing other magicians secrets for years. Now when the table is turned, they get all pissy. I've got no sympathy for these two idiots! I hope all of their secrets are exposed. Karma is a bitch guys!

    12. Lynn Armede DeBeal 25 months ago | reply

      Of course he's in it for the money....what republican isnt?

    13. drewsov7 25 months ago | reply

      @Lynn Armede DeBeal Do you have a job? Do you work just because you like to, or are you in it for the money?

    14. beep2004 25 months ago | reply

      Interestingly, I once watched Teller being interviewed by Bob Costas on a late night talk show. Teller is only silent for the act.

    15. neilgj 25 months ago | reply

      What odd is that P&T were initially notorious for exposing other magician's secrets as part of their act. Go figure.

    16. Zach509 25 months ago | reply

      If, as many of you've said, any magician can think of many ways to perform this trick, then there's no reason that any of them need to use Teller's patented method - they can go ahead and come up with their own ideas.

    17. Zach509 25 months ago | reply

      they were famous for exposing tricks, as you say, but I'm guessing that they didn't expose any that were patented - that would be exposing themselves to a lawsuit. If they had, they'd probably already have been on the receiving end of this sort of complaint, which they weren't to my knowledge.

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