Mars Science Laboratory Sky Crane
Thank you, everyone, for supporting my LEGO CUUSOO model of the Curiosity Rover.

Digital model files for the Sky Crane are now available on Rebrickable! It has been split into three components, the Curiosity Rover (MOC-0271), the Descent Stage (MOC-0288), and the Sky Crane Stand (MOC-0287). Enjoy!

This set contains images of the Mars Science Laboratory Powered Descent Vehicle and its separate components. These components are the Descent Stage and the Rover in its stowed configuration. The Descent Stage is essentially a giant jetpack mounted on top of the rover. After the spacecraft has entered Mars' atmosphere, the parachute deploys, the heat shield is ejected, and soon the parachute and the rest of the aeroshell is released. The Descent Stage uses its rockets to carry the Rover the rest of the way. It will slow it down to a descent of a few miles per hour and then lower the Rover on a set of cables, called the "Sky Crane" maneuver. The wheels on the Rover will deploy and it will be set gently on the Martian surface. The cables will then be cut and the Descent Stage will fly away and crash. Once on the ground, the Rover is ready for science!

To see an excellent, nail-biting, animation of Entry, Descent, and Landing of the Rover, visit the JPLnewsYouTube channel.
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