The loss of the Leach's Storm-Petrel, 10-30-12
The historic Lake Massabesic Leach's Storm Petrel lost it's battle to return to the sea today, falling victim to a group of gulls. There was a commotion out a ways and as I watched thru my bin's one of the gulls came in towards shore with a black and white item in its mouth. At first I knew what it was, but did not want to believe it. Even after taking these shots, I held hope that it was something else. However, upon returning home and putting the pictures on the screen, there was no doubt as to the identity of the gulls catch.
Please be sure to see Chris Sheridan's fantastic shot of this bird, taken about 15 minutes prior to it's demise.
I am very sad...

To see this bird alive and well, check out Christine Sheridan's nice shots of this bird prior to its demise;
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