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Life. | by Magυs
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Dark, silent, painless. The city sat on the edge of the universe, slowly revolving around a dead sun on its pitiful planet. In the depths of a lost society, where ancient, advanced civilizations once created the tallest, darkest spires, the technology of a lost era stirs.


Slowly. Painfully. Openly. Biological remnants fuse with their opposites, manifesting a perverse cyborg the likes of which have never been seen by any mortal throughout time and space. Years of crawling. Years of scavenging. And what to show for it? Small additions, weak limbs, a meaningless slight power? Loathing, hatred, and anger so pure it could set the smallest of fires ablaze began to form in the twisted neurons of nature's lost creation.


Gathering. Planning. Fuming. Finally, on the day of the full moon, the creature gathered enough energy to spark the hatred boiling inside. Jumping up onto a pile of ruins, the miserable wretch let loose a scream so vile, so blood-curdlingly evil, that somewhere across the universe, the space-time continuum ruined the MOC of a little boy.









For the Top Shot Contest.


I don't know. I was going to retake this, but both batteries for my camera died. And then the light setup (a large PVC device) fell onto the scene.


So this would have had more detail, more cleanliness. But on the other hand, I rather like the dust, the cracks, the imperfections. This is the first shot I took, and the last for this scene. Unedited, raw. I know it's pretty terrible, and the sides are plain, but I rather like it. Perhaps I'll keep it. I surely don't have the time or darkness left to retake it before the Top Shot Contest is over.


Another curious quality: there's a lot more subtle light detail when I view it on my computer, in a larger size.


So, the verdict: It stays. I'll probably update the description with a long story. Please don't note this, put a note saying "z0mg dust", etc. Viewing in a large size might help.


If nothing else, I hope you enjoyed the lighting.


And that is my hardsuit frame that I'm in love with. There's a lot more to that bot, but the mysteriousness adds to it.


Yes, it is too dark. Even with four flashlights, in a variety of angles, this is all my camera picked up. No retakes, no editing. So accept it. :P


Oh, and I'll say it for you; "That's no moon..."

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Taken on February 17, 2012