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Mallory's Dream World

I don’t have many friends. But I have my books—and my dolls. One of the little dolls…well, I assume she likes my books. Every time I look away and then back, she’s inched closer to them. After putting her back in her place for the umpteenth time, I wondered aloud, “I wonder what she’s thinking; going near my books again and again…why, some are just as big as her! “

As I turn to walk out, grasping the doorknob. I hear a slight whisper;

“Bigger books have bigger stories.”

I froze in awe, losing my grip on the knob;

“Your library…it’s almost like dream world.”

Still somewhat shocked, I stay still when I hear a little funny noise…I assume she’s laughing;

“Though, in my dream world I would have everything made from books!”

Her little voice became stronger as she continued:

“Instead of eating, we would just read! The knowledge in books…oh my. The furniture and the chairs…”

The doll quieted down to even less than a whisper;

“Yes, in my dream world…the chairs would be made of stories and their books. Bigger than me, bigger than you, yes, the chairs would be huge.”

Still in awe, I turned around and raced towards the small doll, hugging her in joy. I have a little book friend.




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Taken on July 1, 2014