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    "You know what flashbulbs did to King Kong …"
    So drawled Ray Harryhausen. I was too busy thinking: "Sweet Chist, it's Ray Harryhausen!" to actually set up a halfway decent picture, or anything.

    Still! Ray Harryhausen! Along with Minaton from Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, one of the skeletons from Jason and the Argonauts and Ornithomimus from The Valley of Gwangi.

    I've been through in Edinburgh all week taking photos of movie stars, and nothing's come close to being as exciting as meeting Ray Harryhausen for five minutes.

    In case you don't know …

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    1. Stephen Wales 81 months ago | reply

      Man's a genius, the skeletons from Argonauts are brilliant.

      How'd you get to meet him?

    2. Potatojunkie 81 months ago | reply

      I'm covering the Edinburgh Film Festival for Eye For Film. Means I get one of those handy "accredited press" passes, and everything. Sadly they don't give you a hat with a bit of paper with "press" written on it sticking out of the hatband.

    3. james73_2007 81 months ago | reply

      I thought he was deid!


    4. StephenMcleod - International Man of Mystery 81 months ago | reply

      this is awesome. Brilliantly exposed.

    5. monkeyiron 81 months ago | reply

      james73 - he's been reanimated!

    6. VerseVend 81 months ago | reply

      @james - he wuz deid but reanimated himself! Was he a wee bit jerky and srangely lit?

    7. ellis_earl 79 months ago | reply

      The best portrait of "Uncle Ray" I've ever seen! The chin-down angle gives him a bit of a Devilish look. The comment R.H. made about what the lights did to Kong is soooo Harryhausen. A wonderful portrait; and now that I think about it... The Band-Aid and "head scars" are like the seams on his puppets; they are what they are.

      Thanks for posting your work!

    8. evilsig 60 months ago | reply

      Remarquable photo pour un génie de l'animation. Vraiment impressionnant.

    9. mixfixer 34 months ago | reply

      Good God! That is a spectacular photograph! The weary look in his eye, the incredible detail and contrast. Did he REALLY make that statement to you about the flash bulbs and King Kong. That matches his look completely. Truiy one of the best images I've seen of this wonderful living myth of a man. Thank you for sharing!

    10. Potatojunkie 34 months ago | reply

      You're very kind. He did indeed. He'd been sitting for a half a dozen photographers before I got to him, I think perhaps he was getting a little fed up with it.

    11. mixfixer 34 months ago | reply

      When and where was this shot taken, by the way?

    12. Potatojunkie 34 months ago | reply

      Edinburgh International Film Festival, June 25th, 2008. Lobby of the Fountain Park Cineworld. He spoke for about an hour and a half and signed copies of his book afterwards.

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