Babette Blanket, First Squares

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    Three years ago in Cambridge, MA, Greg saw Manos Del Uruguay yarn for the first time. He picked up a skein of colour 109 Woodland, and declared that I must make us an afghan out of it. He persisted despite my explanation that it would be wildly expensive. We bought all the 109 they had, along with some 54 Brick. Since then I've picked up some more of each, along with some green (55, I don't know the name), Wheat and Loden (can't remember the numbers).

    We visited the afghan idea several times since then, but never came to a conclusion about a pattern. (I did nix his request for an afghan made of 4x4" squares of stockinette stitch.)

    And then the grannying started. And then the Babettes. And then we went to Purl where Greg saw their Babette, and that, dear friends, was all she wrote.

    This weekend I played with colours (we have 5; Babette calls for 19), and I started crocheting. The large square in the photo is the largest in the blanket, at 12 rounds. I don't like the colour scheme in it, but I'm sucking it up. Unlike for my random scrap grannies, I'm following this pattern to the letter, just for variety. (Ok, not to the letter. I'm starting with an adjustable ring, not the chains the pattern calls for.)The smaller square is 4 rounds. I'm using a 6mm hook and figure the blanket will be about 40% larger than the Koigu original. I have no idea if we'll have enough yarn. I'm starting out with 16 hanks; I'm hoping that'll do it. Stay tuned...

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    1. ~My aim is true~ 96 months ago | reply

      I agree with Leedav, the colors in the big square look awesome.

      I think this blankie would look good in Homespun too. Who the hell can afford 22 skeins of Koigu??? Not I. I love the Manos though. I can't wait to see the finished project.

    2. nyjlm 96 months ago | reply

      wow, can't wait to see more of your squares! gorgeous.

    3. kpwerker 96 months ago | reply


      @My aim is true: Under normal circumstances, I'd have a stroke at the cost of making an afghan out of Manos, but since we started buying the yarn so long ago, it's kind of like it's free. Heh.

    4. mammasan 96 months ago | reply

      These colours are absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished project!

    5. waffle batter 96 months ago | reply

      oh! i fell in love with that blanket in interweave... i need to get crocheting... so much crap on my plate lately...

      love the color story you chose!

    6. rufaro crafty 96 months ago | reply

      This is looking gorgeous !! I'll wait to watch the progress !!

    7. plainsight 96 months ago | reply

      I love the color scheme--I'm glad you stuck with it. What does greg think?

    8. kpwerker 96 months ago | reply

      Thank you!

      @plainsight -- Greg *loves* it. I made three of the smallest squares last night, and we're both really happy with it.

    9. amandasan 96 months ago | reply

      the woodland manos is gorgeous!!! and really is making an afghan out of manos any more decadent than making it out of koigu? i don't think so!
      once i finish my millions of unfinished projects (or maybe sooner!), i want to start a babette blanket.

    10. yarnaholic1963 96 months ago | reply

      I can't believe you're making one of these! You are going to LOVE it! And I LOVE your colors your using!!! I'm STILL weaving in ends on my Babette but really like the way it turned out. And would you believe I'm thinking about making a second one in a solid colorway?

    11. kpwerker 96 months ago | reply

      @ amandasan - Yes, it's lovely and decadent. :)

      @ yarnaholic - I totally love it already. And I can definitely believe that you're going to make another. It's addictive and so beautiful!

    12. carriesommer 95 months ago | reply

      Wow, what a great story! I love that you purchased all that yarn, and saved it until you found a great pattern. This will be such a special blanket...and a Babette at that! Nice.

    13. kpwerker 95 months ago | reply

      Thanks! It's definitely gratifying to *use* the yarn that's been sitting around for years. :)

    14. vigilant20 95 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing your
      creation with Crochet!

    15. caseyrebecca 92 months ago | reply

      this is beautiful!

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Manos del Uruguay Projects, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    16. sazzy 92 months ago | reply

      just beautiful...when I see something like this I want to crochet but for some reason I just can't do it.....what I love about your story is the two of you really hashing this out....makes for a special afghan.

    17. kpwerker 92 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much, sazzy! I'm sure you can crochet; you just haven't found the right mix of factors to make it click yet. Have you taken a class?

    18. sazzy 92 months ago | reply

      no class but a very patient co worker tried to show a couple of us knitters over the course of a couple of weeks and finally gave up!

    19. stephalicious 88 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Work in progress (WIP) Craft., and we'd love to see this photo and any other works in progress in our group.

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