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Ashley T. van Lee is Ashley (Jane) T. van Lee, Ashley T. Lee, aj7aj13, jaz7-livejournal, JA:Jane-Ashley, AJ:Ashley-Jane/Anna-Jane, Anna-Lily-Jane, Jane, Twee-ty, is: 'ANNA' is me! and I am, je suis de retour! Teal/aqua marine victorian/elizabethian style | by AJ7Aj13
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Ashley T. van Lee is Ashley (Jane) T. van Lee, Ashley T. Lee, aj7aj13, jaz7-livejournal, JA:Jane-Ashley, AJ:Ashley-Jane/Anna-Jane, Anna-Lily-Jane, Jane, Twee-ty, is: 'ANNA' is me! and I am, je suis de retour! Teal/aqua marine victorian/elizabethian style

Teal/aqua marine victorian/elizabethian style prom gown: like a royal teal/aqua marine Tang Tiarra crown dress set & a Belgium/Holland traditional wed. dress or the teal/aqua marine gown from the duchess of cambridge: Kate Middleton: teal/aqua marine dress:5/11/12, or the teal/aqua marine gown from Princess of Blegium Mathilde, Princess Mary Donaldson of Denmark, Princess Michaela of Kent, Princess Maxima of Holland/Netherland, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, etc...all symbolism that screams out to the world who I really am: my royal birth of east and west dynasties! a Royal Eurasian Baby, that's me! How the heck did I chose the right colors and style that is of my royal bloodline, lineage, ancestry, heritage from east to west, without knowing it: the colors: teal/aqua marine/turqoise: bluish/white/green: and victorian/elizabethian style gown:now I know to represent the very 1st development of these colors shown in ancient asian dynasties: tang/tartar/tang-silla tang/ming/yuan's (etc,...)porcelains, artifacts, art works and potteries and the dutch's introduction of these (blue/white/turqoise/aqua-marine)colors and porcelains in large quantities to all of europe and the world during the period of the silk road have to wonder how did I pick the right colors and style dress that symbolized both era/dynasties, was it 'incepted' in me, hypnotized, subliminal messages from the illuminated royal dynasties, was it inside of me, intuitively, instinctively, in my blood & genes? or both? 'cuz I was not at all studying the history of the world and dynasties of ancient europe and asia for that matter when I picked out this teal/aqua marine prom dress shown in the photo above...I was busy starting a business, reading about entrepreneurs and their histories to emulate and model after can see that the photo shown above is not a digital photo but a real deal: film photogarphy, it's not manipulated, or photoshop finished...the photo of my teal/aqua marine prom dress was taken before the photos of all the princesses from Kate Middleton of England to Mathilde of Belgium who wore their symbolic teal/aqua marine royal gown in did they know I chose and wore a teal/aqua marine prom dress, and look at the rhododendron purple royal flower that I'm standing next to: it's symbolic of my eurasian royal bloodline lineage and the roosevelt connection of the connected illuminated bloodline....there's a rhododendron flower plant called the roosevelt rhododendron plant that's named after president roosevelt, do you get the symbolic representation now, you all have to wonder why do all my addresses that I live at when I got moved around from places to places, towns to towns, states to states, schools to schools are streets named after the president of the united states or street names and address numbers of my van duyn/merovingian/carolingian and li royal illuminati bloodline: from #11 'clinton st. to rte 537 colts neck to rte. 34 phalanx to rte # 9 aldrich rd to #7 roosevelt: all of which are symbolic/references/link to the two royal dynasties: Li & van duyn/merovingian/caroligian and the European & U.S. presidents: United is it that I'm the only one in this 'family-platoon-unit-surrogate-siblings' that is still living in this address linked to the real royal dynasties...and why is it that pete & chris sends their mail to this address and not their own? whether they went to another country or live in another town, state, etc,...they can open a mail box at the post office and send it there, or notify the mail office of change of it a smoke screen of some sort?...well, all I can say is that I did notify the post office for a change of address & opened a mail box for where to send my mail to when I moved or traveled/vacation to another when I visited australia and lived in another town or state like arizonia...and isn't it odd that when I moved to another state or country: I was still placed in addresses linked to my royal van duyn bloodline and li-bloodline, very odd ehh...and why is everything about me and the people I encountered along the way as I was growing up, if I was just a regular commoner/ a regular 'jo' so to speak? why is everything about me & my life that was 'IPI', intellectual property infringement: illegally taken (without my permission) and made into books, movies, my concepts and ideas illegally taken from me without my permission? you have to wonder why and believe that it's definitely a big conspiracy from the get-go: even the word;'phalanx' like: phalanx rd. colts neck, nj across from st. mary's church, colts neck, nj where I remember living in was set-up to explains what it all meant: phalanx means a group of people brought together for a common purpose or a body of troops or police officers standing or moving in close u understand now the implication of the that street name and word:'phalanx'...I'm sure you all do now, aye has to do with the bigger picture of the conspiracy across the board...and why is it that there were two pictures of the same house in the 'family-platoon unit's: moles' photo album of: 11 clinton st. one taken in '74/'75 and the other updated: in the 90's...they must have planned it from the get-go: the updated in the 90's one is what I remember living in...and why is it that when pete was nominated to the govenor's school in monmouth college nj: there were 7 nominated in the politically corrupt town of west long branch nj: and the 7 nominated kids have 1st names or last names linked and connected to the conspiracy across the board: Melissa Davison of Rumson, Erin Gossett of Aberden, Barry Langman of Holmdel, Thomas McClintock of Colts Neck, Hiep (pete) Vo of East Keansburg, Hanh Nguyen of Wayside, & Alfonse Simone of Lincroft: look at their last and first names: like Nguyen as in the Nguyen dynasty: Madame Nhu: vietnam war conspiracy:, or Alfonse like the 1st name of the infamous Alphonse Capone as oppose to the Royal Alfonso of Spain, Portugal, Kongo or the Alfonso Cuban noble family or Alfonso l d'este: Duke of Ferrara:House of it all coming to light now...and isn't it odd that part of their requirement to get into the governors school was to pursue a 'film series'...'film series' ehh...and now there's the show business link and connection, aye maties:like'berny' in weekend w/bernie' or 'griswold vacation',ehh...and there's the st. mary's rev. griswold there's something about the movie: 'There's something about mary', ehh...'Mary Je?' real biological mother: huang man li/lei: aka: 'Mary Je' was an illuminated, president/owner of film production industry and an actress & president of the actor's workers union and I look like a'mirror image'of her...I must have been a 'test tube' or 'artificially inseminated' baby of some sort,(the 1st successful 'test tube baby was in 1978:Louise 'Joy' Brown: odd ehh...there's the word: 'Joy' and 'Brown': I got and gave herbal tea tin can package to friend: John Kellerher for the holidays: the company's name was: Browne & Ashley , odd ehh? was it incepted, intuition, instinct, in my blood or both? too much of a symbolic coincident, ehh)...'cuz I remember in 1997-1998 of articles/news and radio stations' announcers all talked about that: saying women can make babies in their 60/s-70's, and so right around that time, I believe my real biological mother/father were trying to find me...and then the movie 'hanna' in 2011 was released...a sort of symbolic reference to this whole situation, aye, every movies, books and literary productions there is some sort of truth...whether embellished or twisted, it's always a representation of the author's experiences or other peoples' lives that the author comes in contact with directly or indirectly, believe it or not it is very, it looks more and more like an elaborated conspiracy across the board: u took the royal illuminated baby which is me and methodically took every bits and pieces of me in every way and replaced it with all the conspiring 'cronies' to get into the royal bloodline, steal the cream and get rich, famous, power & control...if ur 'cronies' were well to do from the get-go...ur motive was to make them famous with fortune and fame and what not...and what about the fabricated article that the 'cronies' moles kept in their album: by Mauriel J. Smith: key name: MJ and surname:Smith across the board: from mary je to michael johnston to mary jane, to michael jackson, etc,...across the board and the last name 'smith' linked to the whole situation: why was this family-platoon unit singled out and written about? to possibly hide the truth and tell the truth at the same time: for me to decipher the reality and truth of two articles that were embellished, fabricated with lies but within the lies there were 'sprinkles' of truths that I now can decipher: take for instance the the use of the word 'sprinkle' in the radio station waves:cbs station and media news: I can now decipher the word 'sprinkle' what the newscasters/ djs/ radio announcers are really referring to is the surname: sprinkel: dutch meaning: lively one, the english surname sprinkle and the russian born american, sam born owner of 'just candy' in 1910 who was awarded the 'key to the city'...thus I can now decipher the hidden truths and lies in the article about this 'family platoon unit' by Mauriel J. Smith: in his/her article: it states that there's no living family members of this 'family-platoon unit' they all got killed during the vietnam war, yet there's proof that there's living relatives: sisters, cousins, brothers, fathers, & mothers living in california, texaas, long island, virgina, australia,the islands, asia, etc,..there's further proof that in 2005, I took a trip to australia to meet up with one of moles' living sister, to get away from the 'conspiracy' pick myself up and rebuild my life, career and love; start all over again...I have the itinerary airplane stubs to prove it, so that part in the article is a lie...the article further states that chi is an enterpreter but he can speak one or two language: interpreters are multi-linguist, so that's a lie further states that chi doesn't feel welcome in vietnam supposedly where everyone of the 'platoon-family-unit' are from..that's because he knows he's not from that country....duh...the article further states that he doesn't celebrate his 'birthday' which is a lie 'cuz they do 'the surrogate-siblings' call to wish happy-birthday & give out birthday cards and stuff, so that's a decipher why chi or the writers put that statement 'not celebrating the birthdays' is in reality a reference to the fact that all of the 'family-platoon -units' surrogate siblings/ including my birthday is not the right birthdays at all, what happened to all of our important gov. doc. ehh? lost, when they got airlifted? that's what they say and their sticking to that story...but, if chi claims to be an interpreter for U.S. or U.N. I highly doubt it that all of their gov. documents can get lost...there's tight security for gov. employees...The gov. 'cover' their own, look after their I highly doubt that the moles' & their conspirators' story of how theirs and the 'family-platoon-unit; surrogate siblings' important gov. doc. got lost, while being airlifted...There's back up-copies of all gov. employees' & their family's important doc, in washington or the U.N...So, I'm pretty sure that statement is also fabricated...what raise suspicion to their story is that I remember, a couple of the moles' friends living with us until they were able to support themselves and move, or was it really a big conspiracy: harboring immigrants,, I have to wonder about that, based on everything that happened to me then and now...and speaking of raising suspicion, the dates & years when the two articles were written: the articles most likely wasn't written on the right year and date for that matter. It is most likely to elude the situation and hide the conspiracy across the board...raising another suspicion that chi and phong were supposedly, airlifted and were one of the lucky ones to escape the vietnam war and supposedly, all their family members/ relatives were killed during vietnam war, they were at the philipines then guam then america that led them to 11 clinton home, nj...this statement in the article by mauriel j smith is false, in fact, 11 clinton was not the 1st home in nj or america: phong's mother's picture with a philipine hut in the background proves that all their relatives weren't killed, in fact phong is most likely filipino, and the reference to guam is to the connection & reference to the house of representative: nancy pelosi: who owns a seafood manufacturing plant in guam: starkist I believe: 'cuz when you fastforward to my start-up sea breeze seafood company' which I got led into to most likely find out the truth of my royal birth & bloodline, then everyone will realize that what they were referring to in the article back then was that the link to guam was most likely not of the vietnam war but of the seafood industry connection, and what they were referring to back then of the link to the philipines was the foreshadowing of the present day conspiracy link to melissa de la cruz and the covenant heart: her 'IPI' book about me (her 'IPI'book titled: 'ashley series') and my 'blueblood' van duyn dynasty:her 'IPI' book titled: 'blueblood')...and also the link to the philipines is also a link not only to the United Nation Information Center(UNIC) but also the link to Taylor Fish Farm: key words that give rise to the truth is the word: 'manila' clams and manila, philipines:there's a margret sanate, shelton store manager at taylor fish farm, I think margret's from the's really a conspiracy across the board, aye...from land, air, sea, politics, religion, dynasty and, moving the mauriel j. smith's article of the 'family-platoon-unit', if chi & phong and the rest of the conspiring 'cronies' were really in the vietnam war, escape, and an intrepreter then why is it that they never once celebrated memorial day or veteran's day that I've seen ever since growing would think that would play a major part in their live, yet I don't see them attending any memorial day/ veteran's day parade to this day..odd ehh? not, 'cuz I highly doubt that they were in the war, more like they were in the bronx with John & Dorothy Boese & Berny and Ralph Trapani, & St. Mary's: & fr. Bausch, Jean & Gerald Fitzgerald, Candy & Steve Morgan:Stephanie/Stephen Morgan Meyer, Cohen, Erin & Jen (Rardin)Pringle, Melissa de la cruz, Laura Rangel, Lisa Steen Proctor, Raj Sisodia, Jag Seth, David Wolfe,Tolle, Carol & Bill Eryres and others...I believe that all these people knew something about this political, religious, dynastic conspiracy across the board from the get-go or to some much, which side they were on, and how much they were involved, will eventually surface, if not, getting back to the article by mauriel j. smith: in the article it further states that (chi) he doesn't teach the surrogate siblings/ family platoon unit anymore they teach each other like a 'blended' layer decipher what was meant by this: whether this was said by him or manipulated and written by the writers themselves: it was meant in reference to when he did teach me with a big black board:math: algebra: he beat the shit out of me with a belt, lamp post chord or anything he could find, (he had an illogical, irrational out of control temper) if I didn't get it right: well, that's 'cuz I wasn't suppose to be in that grade: we now know I was most likely placed in the wrong grades, classes, years, cover up the conspiracy and hide the truth that they all fast forwarded my years, age, birthday, time...etc...for this sole purpose of the conspiracy across the board...(chi's) irrational behavior & temper manifested and can be seen when I was a child living in rte 537 colts neck, nj:and saw him chain smoking a curious child, I copied, and got the living room on fire, 'cuz I didn't know how to put the cigarrette bud out...I was just a child...he beat the shit out of me in front of his moles & friends & cronies...pretty embarassing, for a child, would you agree...he had me lay down faced down and with a belt beat the crap out of me in front of all his cronies friends...and you wonder why I don't smoke, ehh...and you wonder why I learned math was either get a beating by a belt or a lamp post chord or get smart,, I decided to be the first at what ever I was interested in, be smart, fart, or 'cheat'...well, I got smart, fart and became the 1st to start 'stuff' I, I didn't needed to cheat, aye, much for the old adage that we use only 3% of our brain power...when push comes to shove...and I sure would have liked to shove the belt up some idiots' ass, that's for sure...when push comes to shove everyone has the capacity to use 100% of their brain power, whether you're 1 yrs old or fricking 100 yrs old, aye, any case, I sure as hell learned quickly alegbra and math that's for sure...and now to decipher what was meant by 'blended' layer cake in the article by mauriel j smith & company: it is most likely in reference to the fact that all of this 'family-platoon unit' 'surrogate-siblings/moles and all, are not of the same race, ethnicity, culture, country or have the same parents but were all unwittingly forced & lumped into, 'blended' into this 'family-platoon-unit' for the 'phalanx'rd. colts neck nj:conspiracy purpose across the board: political, religious, dynastic factions' warring rife...and no, we didn't teach each other any school subject for that matter..that's a false statement...there were competition & sibling rivalries in school, sports, and I guess childhood friends and love life hind sight, I have to wonder why I was friends with betty wang 1st, who introduced me to craig rothschild & company, then betty wang told me that pete was dating her older friend:kathy...and then I have to wonder why everyone of the surrogate-siblings, except for clare, joined track & field after I did. Pete initially joined school band, wrestling then track & field. Chung/Joan joined field hockey then track & field, chris joined soccer then track & field, clared joined soccer. I was asked to join soccer, softball or track & field by the coaches:mr. & mrs. smith, mr. neil, mr. christopher, mrs. van schack are thoses coaches if my memory serves me right. I liked all three sports, but decided on track & field 'cuz it goes right back to my childhood decision stated above: to be the 1st at what I liked or was good at, to be sport and pick the sport that I would be the 1st at or the best at based on my talents and, I decided to go with the sport that I knew I was very good at: track & field: which by the way is both an individual and team sport: a combination of both; u win for ur team & u win for urself: scores are calculated based on ur individual time and team accumulated team scores: individual merit & team's the obvious decision for me to make, ehh...I also joined school band, and tried out for cheerleading squad & color guard..didn't make it in the cheerleading squad: I was probably better fit for being the leader of the pack developing, making and leading the 'cheers' of the 1st 'brewski' then being the cheerleader for the 1st cheers of 'brewski' made, aye maties? ;) lol...I made it to the color guard finalist tryout but decided to concentrate on track & field: indoor, outdoor, & cross country sport. so in hindsight, I have to wonder if there were a bit of surrogate-sibling rivalries & competition at play or was it all orchestrated to prob me & what ever I did or was interested in and link everyone to it to take, replace, substitute in my place, ehh? isn't it odd, ehh? it's just too coincidentally peculiar & it sent a red flag my way:raising suspicion & doubt that this 'family-platoon-unit' was anything but average...we all weren't that very close, 'cuz everyone split up quickly after everything was copied, probed, pu into place, after all said and done: pete/chung:joan weren't around much of the time, chris & clare went off & did there own thing, and that left me wondering why this 'family-platoon-unit' was we weren't that close I can only speak for myself and what I saw & experienced as I was growing up in this so called 'family platoon-unit', maybe some of the other 'surrogate-siblings' were closer than others, as for myself, no...I now think that it was all 'set-up' that way, because of this conspriacy,, it wasn't all peaches & cream that's for sure...the fact that we all would only get together in special occasions, & holidays, would give rise to why this is so,, what I'm saying to the world is that if things, events, people, and places doesn't add up or seem right, or out of place then obviously something smells a bit rotten, & fishy, aye maties...only the ones involved and the royal 'target' can decipher facts from fictions 'cuz they & I are involved and lived it...comprendre!!! Mother Chuckers! Stu McGuff! I think you all get the picture, ehh? get it? got it? good!....and moving on to the next extraction and deciphering of facts from fictions of the conspiracy across the now, why is the yr book thorne jr. high, middletown, nj in the editorial page stated that it's the last yearbook and last year of that must have been a 'special school' made and orchestrated just for me...I seriuosly don't believe it was the right year that the yearbook was published or even the right year that we were living's not magic at all but a conspiracy meticulously conspired to hide the truth of the matter: my royal birth right/ place, my real age, my where about ('cuz I was 'taken'/'stolen') from my real biological parents and to hide the well thought out and wickedly planned conspiracy 'across the board' all the rest of the schools and places that I kept on moving around from places to places...not ever finishing a full amount of completed school yrs and never living in towns for a long period of time to get close to anyone, place, or things in my life...from birth to childhood to adolescent to young adulthood (in my mid20's) I stated above, I believe my life was methodically manipulated to hide my age, royal bloodline, and keep me hidden from finding out the wicked truth of what had happened to me since birth: 'taken' stolen' for this sole political, religious, dynastic of a rivaling conspiracy across the board...everyone in my life from the people, things and places that came into my life as I was growing up were more or less 'substitutes' of the real people, things and places that I was meant to be with, live, or accomplished: for even the meaning of the word:'surrogate' means: to take the place of, to substitute, to replace, a substitute esp. someone deputizing for another in a specific role: everyone in my life were a substitutefrom the people, things, & places that came into my life as I was growing up were 'substitutes'of the real people, things and places that I was meant to be with, live, and accomplish: from the 'surrogate-siblings' to the 'substitute' teacher:Ms. Linda 'Maas' to 'substiute' boyfriends/potential b/f/ prom date: 'TJ Miller to a stand in substitute friend:Pat in this picture: I have to elaborate on this one: TJ Miller & I were kids from two different schools, got introduced to each other by a mutual friend: declared ourselves boyfriend & girlfriend for 1 or 2 wks: we didn't really do anything but hung out with friends & innocently french kiss: he went to oregon for vacation: I got anxious, thinking he might cheat: I decided to test him: and see what he would say if we were to see other people: he didn't take it very well: we broke up & he bailed out a couple days before prom night: so, I asked an acquaintance/friend: pat if he wanted to take me to the prom as a stand in: 'substitute'...he said yes and there you have it...that's my friendly date for the, hah...take that...It's Miller Time!...and that's that...all that and a bag of chips, aye maties...and I have to say: 'What time is it? I'm late, I'm late for a very important date' 'What time is it?'s Miller Time! Baby ;) lol...Give me a 'clutch' and I'll show you a 'hitter', and a 'precision three point hoop shooter'...I'm slick as moby dick with a nunchuck & a three-section stick that pricks, so take it easy, it's Miller Time for me baby, under high peer pressure, I'm the pressure cooker with a kool 'go-to-guy' by my side, and I'll have to say batter up, swing batter, batter, swing 'clutch hitter', 'three point shooter': Derek Jeter, A-Rod, Reggie Miller, it's Miller Time, baby...I'm turning lemons into melons & lemonaide, I'm making soft balls into fishballs & meatballs, with a bit of sauce ragu guru and a swissalicious switcharoo, like a hotpot with fondue...and for dessert, give me some limeaide in my funnel cake and a hi-five with 'Limes'in my key lime pie...and then I have to say: it's a Slam Dunk, for a prom date with a stand in hunk!...and then moving on 'from 'William Morrow: oh, my pain waiting by the phone, I'd rather be chatting up, buttering up croissants and girdle, potato, tattie scones, piazza pizza pies, and a ben & jerry's 'chunky monkey' ice cream cones...oh my au bon pain with some pasteries dane skipping pebble stones by the viking village, LBI beach house, water front ocean bay...and then I have to say, hey...I'm building blocks, papers to papers, scissors to scissors, rocks to rocks, to a stand in substitute acquaintance/bsns partner: Brian (Jensen) Ahlfeld to another substitute acquaintance/bsns partner:Harold R. Bailey Jr., from a potential acquaintance/friend/associate/date: Alex Debelov, jetsetter, jetrider: media social websetter, surfs up, movie buff:'surfer dude'.. to a stand in substitute:aquaintance/potential date: Yegor Ius: electromagnetic, polytech-tromatic igor notre dame in stranger tides, and scott versus the world movie crew buff got the pop corn, coca cola, 'perfectli's' 'milk' duds icandy treats, snack pack and who's got game and fame...I'm back tracking to and from a childhood infactuation Dominick Buonomo to a 'set-up' meeting my jr. prom date Craig Rothschild for the 'bigger picture': directly, indirectly, symbolically letting me know why I got asked and set-up to go to the jr. prom with Craig Rothchild: it's in the dynasty name: letting me know who I am, of royal birth bloodline and not a regular 'jo'/ commoner...from a childhood racing special event boy: Charlie Ferrari & a childhood playmate 'family-platoon unit' friend: Charlie Roberts to a symbolic substitute stand in, symbolically seen in articles, advertisements and orchestrated events in my life: one of ferrari: lamborghini/porche high speed caravan on the garden state parkway race nj turnpike police escort/ entourage articles posted: 4/23/12/ and the 5/27/12 article of model:1986fierro(spelling variation of :ferrari house)classic, toyota camry, and lexus and house burned up/torched:another word for 'mad' 'angry': all of which are symbolic in meaning: I believe the 'powers that be' enlightened ones were telling me what yr Charlie Ferrari was really born. the meaning of ferrari/ferro/fierro: iron, the meaning of camry👑like a king/prince/ princess/queen, the meaning of lexus: law(of luxury/elegance)all of which are reference to me, charlie ferrari and the dynasties to which we belong to: the royal house of ferrari: royal house of medici and the royal house of li and van duyn/mevoringian/carolingian bloodline, and a symbolic baseball players' surname frieri another stand in, substitute to let the world know or fill in the right surname/ childhood boy(house of ferro:iron:ferrari/fierro/ferrara/ferraro/ ferrerietc...royal house of medici: roman empire) that I relay race with and knew for a very brief moment in time 'cuz I kept having to move around from places to places, states to states, schools to schools all for the sole purpose of this wicked conspiracy across the board...from Charlie Roberts to a stand in, substitute of Philip Milant who I met at the Mercator Gerard de Gremor/de Cremer exhibition that I got invited to at the Astor library in Manhattan NYC...for the sole purpose of letting me know what had manifested in my life and upbringing. Ultimately, to let me know of the political, religious, dynastic conspiring factions at play...the similarities and parallelism between an enlightened genius/ mercator map projection inventor's situation and life and my situation and life... from a possible stand in, substitute:Philip Milant that most definitely I would think if I'm not mistaken what I picture Charlie Roberts to grow up to look like at present...and that's why it's a small world after all and it will most definitely 'ling'er' in our minds and thoughts, I'm sure of it...and you know what I mean Philip Milants by that: they're using that word 'ling'er' in the news and radio statio(cbs) waves just to let you and I, if your reading this, and I'm sure you are...u will understand 'perfectly' like a perfect, I believe you must be linked high up there...I sure as hope you are, 'cuz you better know what's at stake, and why we're all in this 'de ja vu' scene again....but I wonder one thing: are you of the Milant clan Milant/MacMillan/McDonald etc:of scottish/ french/ireland/ english/ italian...or are you of the House of Milan:Sforz of italian/ scottish either of the two case:it's all connected linked: especially to united nation: flanders/belgium too, ehh...I remember what you told me where you're from but I still have to question and research for the sake of clarification and truthfulness...since I get bombarded from all sides of the political, religious, dynastic factions, aye matie...all this symbolism and direct and indirect references all to shine the light on the world to see the truth: it's fit for royalty and a 'mirror image' of my mother: Huang man Li/Lei, Mary Je...and my dutch/belgium caucasian biological dad, both illuminated and 'in the know' aye maties!

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