Rainbow Family Village(彩虹眷村) Taichung, Taiwan
A beautiful and colorful small village in Taichung, Taiwan where almost everything in site is painted joyful colors. A sense of wonder and peacefulness is felt as you wander the tiny streets of this modest section of the big city. Bright lively colors call out to your inner child as you find what appears to be an endless seam of creative whimsical imagery. A must-see for any one in Taichung.

From my understanding this tiny village in Taichung, Taiwan was painted by Mr. Huang Yongfu, an original native of Hong Kong, now 90 years old. There are stories/rumors that he painted the village to draw attention to it’s new beauty, thus keeping the old village from being torn down for newer buildings. Another possibility was that he wanted to create something beautiful in his rather drab little retired military village. Either way it’s site that is visited regularly by tourist, photographers taking wedding photos or locals just curious about what this colorful vision is about.
All photos taken by Steven Barringer

If you wish to visit this beautiful place, contact me and I will do my best to show the way.
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