nea makri, greece: 137/365

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try black

thank goodness for mr.g. he got my off my lazy ass sunday evening, and offered the encouragement and patience i often need go take a daily picture.

we stopped for some hot chocolate at a little cafe/restaurant on pendeli overlooking nea makri. i set up the tripod and switched cut-outs for the shaped bokeh.

everything was sweet.

i've placed this on the map -- we were looking due east over the town towards the sea.

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  1. g d tошиѕнеиdе 72 months ago | reply

    It's been many, many years since I've been to Nea Makri. Used to be stationed out of Hellenikon AB when I was in Greece.

  2. drkigawa 72 months ago | reply

    beautiful bokehs!! love these colors too! i'll try this kind of shot someday.

  3. ~moniqe~ 72 months ago | reply

    awesome bokeh collage! wow :)

  4. prashant adukia 72 months ago | reply

    love these shaped bokehs!

  5. juank.madrigal 72 months ago | reply

    Your photo was seen in Photos that are top in your Flickr.

    Photos that are top in your Flickr

  6. galuppi 72 months ago | reply

    Let me rephrase. Is there no end to your creativity? ;-)

  7. risemeagain© 72 months ago | reply


  8. leah zobott 72 months ago | reply

    awesome!!! <3

  9. flovething 72 months ago | reply

    really creative image! nea makri looks like a magical place :p

  10. antares_sco15 72 months ago | reply

    omg this is really a masterpiece, love it love it love it

  11. theblackestwhite 71 months ago | reply

    gorgeous bokeh!! i love it <3

  12. Wei-t 71 months ago | reply

    i love it!!!!

  13. Aster-oid 66 months ago | reply

    WOW (again!!!)...

  14. rSanPhotography [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

    really great job!

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