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Cummeengeera Settlement/Rabachs Glen.

Twenty nine people lived in cummeengeera in 1841 and only 7 in 1871(wiped out by the great famine).It was in one of these houses that cornelius o sullivan rabach(Rabach meaning violent or vigorous)who was hanged for murder lived in the early 1800s.The rabachs cave where he once hid from the authorities overlooks the river a short distance from the house ruins.The story goes,that around 1800 a sailor came to rabachs house seeking shelter for the night.The sailor was killed because the rabachs family believed he was carrying a worthwhile amount of money.It was believed that cornelius carried out the murder.Unknown to cornelius one of the neighbouring women saw what had taken place and many years later when she taunted him about the incident he drowned her in a river.The rabach was hard to catch hiding out in his cave,but he was finally captured tried and hanged in tralee gaol in march 1831.Made it back to beara yesterday had an amazing day.Left home at 5am and didnt get home until 12pm.This was my 3rd spot of the day and probably my favourite shot of the day.I had been around rabachs glen before but never hiked up into the glen.I was undecided about going up this time because my back is in bits at the moment but after talking to a local women that told me of the old famine ruins i decided it sounded too good to miss.Made my way up the steep slopes that levelled off into a huge beautiful plateau surrounded by high mountains on all sides.I finally found the village after about an hour nearly giving up several times but eventually i found it right at the head of the valley Glad i did as i was blown away by the place.The atmosphere was amazing and i couldnt stop thinking about the people that lived here.This view was looking back down part of the valley i came from with a lovely blast of light sweeping across.On leaving i was treated to the sight of a pair of wild mountain goats grazing by a waterfall and a raven swooping overhead.A very special place with such a sad history.I was in agony by the time i got back down, back was in agony and my legs had turned to jelly but i would do it all again.The drive home was long and sore but i couldnt wipe a stupid smile off my face.Beara peninsula co kerry.View on black.

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Taken on April 7, 2012