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The Great Hall (2012) By Aesha Malik ( Finished!!!!)

Duration: 8 Months


Description: A miniature room I formulated based on the ingenious Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, principle architect to the Russian Tsars. The style emulated in this room is “Russian Baroque or Late Baroque,” which is atypical (asymmetrical) form of the typical baroque style. Every single detail used in the room has been hand carved through foil papers and cardboard.


If you notice carefully, you will note that not a single flower, or leaf, nor carving repeats itself; this is the beauty of this style of architecture. The foil and reflective papers are used to elusively widen and correct the proportions of the room. The back wall gives the illusion that the room is continuous and that the hall continues through the doors, when in fact it doesn’t. The floor is reflective and the usage of the mirror effects adds depth and space to the room.


A personal thank you: To all of the wonderful people who have commented, liked, and encouraged me from day one! It’s been an exhausting 8 months and thank you all so much for your kind comments and support! I greatly appreciate it :)


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Taken on March 29, 2012