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Some doodly li'l guys

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  1. Pete Corp 55 months ago | reply

    How did you get the translucent blades so long?

  2. SuperHardcoreDave 55 months ago | reply

    Nice stuff here Nate - really got a soft spot for the bots. Don't believe I have seen stuff like this from you before - keeping it interesting. Orangy is my fav of the bunch.

  3. Ω†ymensepΩ 55 months ago | reply

    swords look like lightsabers

  4. Uspez 55 months ago | reply

    I never really say it but here it pertains most fittingly.... EPIC!!

  5. legovaughan 55 months ago | reply

    You win for max articulation with min parts.

  6. Tagl 55 months ago | reply

    Outstanding frame design!
    Poseability is overwhelming.

  7. .Tromas 55 months ago | reply

    HOLY SHITE MAN!!! You always win!

  8. nate_decastro 55 months ago | reply

    Thanks very much you guys! These were the product of having sorted a bunch of those t-bar pieces, and the traffic-light bricks, and a variety of clips. If only I could stay sorted more consistently... But it's fun to churn out a design once you realize you have a plentitude of parts within greedy fingers-reach.
    Pete Corp Superglue my friend....:)
    David Steeves Thanks man. It does feel good to mix it up a bit. The orange one I call "Goten." :)
    tijmen sep That's a-what they be;)
    .Tromas Ah thanks man! Credit to you goes for the design of the arms, specifically the forearms. You always used those pieces with the wrench in them as robot arms on your MaK hardsuits and such. Once I plugged those pieces in together, the rest worked itself out. So yeah. Thank you....:)

  9. Red Spacecat 55 months ago | reply

    This should be a new teen series right now!

  10. The Deathly Halliwell 55 months ago | reply

    These are fantastic.

  11. (vhmh) 55 months ago | reply

    Wonderful design on these! I might have make one for myself with credit of course. :)

  12. 'Sergeant Chipmunk' 55 months ago | reply

    These are amazing!

  13. -Juzu- 55 months ago | reply

    You did a damn fine job on these :)

  14. Katadeus 55 months ago | reply

    Love these.
    I'm glad someone else is devoted to good range of movement.

  15. nate_decastro 55 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys:)
    Red Spacecat Yes, I agree! And they should pay me for it;)
    (vhmh) Thanks man. Definitely build as many as your heart desires--I'm sure you will evolve it in your own unique way.

  16. madLEGOman 55 months ago | reply

    Lots of personality man. very cool. and congrats on getting blogged again so soon. keep churning out the cool stuff

  17. Wyrk Wyze 55 months ago | reply

    i gotta say... i love your work.

  18. Krika99 55 months ago | reply

    where did you get the extra long trans-bars if I may ask?

  19. nate_decastro 55 months ago | reply

    MadLEGOman Thanks man. It was quite the pleasant surprise.
    James wysiwyg Thank you. I try and keep it fun:)
    Krika99 They're just two regular bars superglued end-to-end. I have lots, so I didn't feel too bad about it:)

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