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CH 045  ~~~~ The Chaffinch ...... female ~~~~ | by Mike Hazzledine -- British Biodiversity
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CH 045 ~~~~ The Chaffinch ...... female ~~~~


The Common Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs ……….. Family Fringillidae


The chaffinch is Britain's commonest finch and familiar throughout Europe. The breeding male is striking with reddish under-parts and blue/grey cap whilst the female (pictured above) is somewhat drabber and greener but both sexes have double white wing bars, white outer tail feathers and greenish rump which are all noticeable in flight.


The resident birds in Britain are very sedentary and rarely stray far from the area where they were hatched. In winter however the British population increases by about 10 to 20 million as birds migrate from the Scandinavian countries in search of winter food. The immigrant birds tend to form large flocks foraging on farmland whilst the resident chaffinches stay in the hedgerows and woodlands which is their preferred habitat.


My first shot of the female chaffinch is not really a good "field guide" picture as it shows very little of the chaffinch's markings which are more clearly shown in the second shot.


I took these earlier this year and have just found them again and decided to post.


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Taken on August 5, 2012