Cockerel with Olympic rings

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    1. Eat Real 21 months ago | reply

      One of my favorites to date!! :)

    2. xfrmn2004 21 months ago | reply

      People starving & homeless they wasted money on THIS?

    3. y040oz 21 months ago | reply

      understand, art is life and I adore this. Interesting. Maybe its..I can't afford the drugs your own, how about either stick a sock in your mouth AND feed the starving and home the homeless. I don't complain, I feed, I homed, I adopted! Mockery of a comment each their own, ...shh I guess.

    4. artlovr69 21 months ago | reply

      To NOT build the chicken would NOT solve all hunger and homelessness.... besides, it looks as though the chicken is always there, and it is just festively decorated for the Olympics. You want to solve hunger? The solution is not as simple as just NOT doing art...

    5. mhstw 21 months ago | reply

      The statue has been there a while -- there's a chicken breed named after this town, and they decorate it for special events.

    6. bugsie5 21 months ago | reply

      Are people stupid because they are poor. Or are they poor because they are stupid. You can't fix stupid. America spent one trillion on Pres. Johnson's war on poverty and guess what you bleeding heart ninwit we now have the same level of poverty in the US as in 1965. At least the chicken ceated a job for someone and it is a great advertisement. So your head out of your bum. (as they might say in England) C.E. Smith USA

    7. Peter Bablis 21 months ago | reply

      Nice Pic thx for sharing....
      Peter Bablis

    8. drfugo 21 months ago | reply

      after the other comments i probably shouldn't make this slightly bad taste joke, but...

      what a nice collection of cock rings!

    9. Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel 21 months ago | reply

      Haha, this is the Dorking Cockerel. I live nearby, when it was built there were as many people opposed to the idea as there are in favour. There are even pro and anti cockerel groups on Facebook =). Us locals laugh - it is quite amusing to have a 10 foot silver cockerel on a roundabout that gets decorated everytime something happens to Dorking... must drive the council who paid for it nuts!!! For the queen's jubilee much the same happened - done by a bunch of "guerilla knitters" - hilarious. Check out - all good fun, and all because there's a cockerel breed that is called the Dorking cockerel. Bring on the dorks and cocks jokes!

    10. mastabee 21 months ago | reply

      An article telling the story behind the medal around the Dorking Cockerel's neck, among other things, by Dave Barry (rayadverb).

    11. rkalobb 21 months ago | reply

      I thought the same thing! :P

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